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Brian, Regimental #K9-19

PSD Brian K9-19 Saskatoon Police Service

Ned’s Wish would like to welcome to the pack PSD Brian after an exciting 8 years of service with the Saskatoon Police Service. In 2015 PSD Farley was transferred to the Saskatoon Police Service from the RCMP Innisfail Kennels, where he met his new handler who found a more fitting name for him and called him Brian.

PSD Brian and his handler have had many exciting calls they have responded to, but one specific one that stood out was when Brian was deployed to track two wanted suspects who had from a stolen vehicle after being involved in a pursuit which ended in the outskirts of the city. The first suspect was located concealed in a bush line, and the second suspect was tracked to the partial frozen shores of the South Saskatchewan River. As it was not safe to cross the frozen river, the K9 Team drove back into Saskatoon to the nearest bridge on the river and returned to the outskirts of the East shoreline. PSD Brian located and acquired the track almost immediately. This was confirmed several hundred meters into the track when he located a running shoe belonging to the suspect. The Track led the team to a rural property, where the suspect was located concealed inside a garage that he broke into.

Off duty Brian is a quirky dog that loves attention but is not overly affectionate in traditional ways. Brian does not like to be pet but instead prefers his handler to put his hand out, palm down and then Brian proceeds to walk back and forth in a way of petting himself on his own terms. During retirement Brian will be enjoying his bed in front of the fireplace where he can routinely get up and walk around in the middle of the night checking on his family members by placing a paw on them while they sleep. PSD Brian is entering retirement at 10 years old in good health.

Welcome again PSD Brian! Thank you for your service!