Brock, Regimental #3351

Brock, Regimental #3351

Say Howdy to PSD Brock!

This southern gentleman was born down in September 2009 in Kentucky and worked as a general patrol service dog in the Region of Durham before his retirement. Working in an area with a total population of 800,000 people has its challenges but this didn’t stop PSD Brock from locating people from armed robbery suspects, to injured elderly Alzheimer’s patients stuck in the mud in the woods.

Out of all the people in Durham, PSD Brock still has his favourite training handler who he loves to greet by whining and jumping on.

PSD Brock would have loved to continue a career of locating but had to retire due to a compressed disc in his neck which caused him some nerve pain and dysfunction. He often has a wound on his tail from wagging it against his kennel, and like some humans PSD Brock suffers from seasonal allergies as well.

In PSD Brock’s retirement it doesn’t matter to him whether it’s summer or winter as he loves eating grass and snow in his time off.
Thanks for keeping us safe PSD Brock!