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Bruno, Regimental #MWD503

While working dogs may give off the impression of being tough with no-nonsense personalities, Bruno loves nothing more than to play dress-up with his family. He joins the Ned’s Wish family after a short, but successful career with the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). Bruno is a seven-year-old Belgian Malinois who came to Canada by way of Europe and served in the CAF from 2017 to 2020. Tipping the scales at 95lbs, Bruno is as large in size as he is in character. He took on every task asked of him with eagerness and a zest for work. Unfortunately, his size made it difficult for him to perform some of the tasks required. He also had some mental hurdles that he was unable to overcome. As such, Brunoretired from the CAF early. In his retirement, Bruno can be found napping with the family cat – who is the only one who can put up with Bruno’s non-stop playfulness. As a bit of a water dog, he loves disappearing on his new property to take a dip in the lake. Bruno’s affection for his people means he tags along to soccer and hockey, but the one thing Bruno loves more than anything is a jar of fresh peanut butter!

Recently, Bruno was reunited with his old kennel mate Kito and together they’re making mischief for their adopted family.

Ned’s Wish is honoured to have another hero who served their country join the family.