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Casey, Badge #155

Ned’s Wish Would like to Welcome this East Coast TV Star Retired PSD Casey!

PSD Casey served the Halifax Regional Municipality for 7 years along side her handler. Casey was born in Slovakia on May 10, 2014. In September 2015 Casey packed her bags and moved to the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) to start her training as a General Service Police Dog. In early 2016 Casey successfully completed all her validations and began protecting and serving the HRM. A year after PSD Casey completed her training in narcotics detection.

During Casey’s successful career, she liked to start her shift by helping her handler sign onto the computer by forcing her head under his arm to assist with typing. Casey made a PAWsitive impact by responding to 1,328 requests for service, those of which resulted in 115 K9 arrests, and 304 K9 assist arrests. Out of those requests for service PSD Casey assisted with a wide variety of tasks including many assists with ERT in high-risk situations to bring incidents to a successful and peaceful resolution.

One of the many highlights in her career, PSD Casey heroically tracked and apprehended a suspect that stabbed one of the HRM members. Casey also assisted in locating several missing people from a 3-hour hike in rough weather conditions. PSD Casey also has successfully located numerous important pieces of evidence including murder weapons during her 7-year career. During Casey’s last cycle in April 2023, PSD Casey went out with a bang by picking up an arrest and bite after a pursuit, and on a night shift tracked down and apprehended a suspect who fled from a traffic stop.

Off duty Casey starred on the NSK9 Docuseries where she was the star of the show, and was able to show off her skills.

Casey will be enjoying retirement with a clean bill of health, and plans to spend leisurely time taking neighborhood strolls, socializing with friends, and taking weekend hikes and naps on the sofa. During retirement, Casey has picked up a few new hobbies to keep her from boredom such as digging, and taking sips from the toilet bowl.

Honoured to have you in the family Casey!