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Eda, Regimental #942

There are only a few dogs with boats named for them and Eda is one of those dogs.

PSD Eda was posted in the Okanagan at the very start of her career and then spent most of her career in the Lower Mainland, British Columbia.

Eda was involved in many police cases and was quite the tracking dog. She was a general purpose dog and located many suspects, missing people, guns, evidence and narcotics. Unfortunately on one of Eda’s last police files she was assaulted by the suspect numerous times.

Eda is a very quirky, sassy dog that has a great personality.  She has non-stop energy and is usually chewing on her favorite Kong or Cuz toy.  Eda absolutely LOVES boating and being in the water, so much so she sails in our aptly named boat Eda!  She’s a dog that just won’t quit.

Eda is currently being treated for Pannus, an inflammatory growth, in both eyes, and requires eye drops twice a day.  She’s also being trained to use “Rex Specs” to alleviate more damage to her eyes and is being checked regularly for glaucoma. In 2020,  Eda required surgery to remove her dewclaws, which had suffered much punishment during her years of dedicated police work. A bit too much for a ‘pawdicure’ if you ask us. 

From Eda’s Human Partner
“I was privileged to work with the best partner in the world…”

Welcome to Ned’s Wish Eda!!