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Endzo, Regimental #4002

PSD Endzo has had quite the career working for a number of different policing agencies! This includes: Edmonton Police Service, Woodstock Police Force, RCMP, Fredericton Police Force, and many other agencies! Fun fact: He was the only police dog for the Fredericton Police Force.

Having a knack for finding people, Endzo located a missing elderly man and another time a 3-year old. Another great victory, was having recovered an incredible number of illegal firearms and drugs.

Although Endzo has spent his career as a police service dog, there is a part of him that is a firefighter. Every time he hears the siren of a firetruck he likes to howl along with it. He cherishes his toys and is particular with who touches them. Right now, his favorite toy is a stuffed dog that is the same size of him!