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Ennox, Regimental #966

Retired PSD Ennox is a boisterous presence in his neighborhood.  Ennox loves visiting and getting all the attention when he is out on a “neighborhood watch”.  Once he returns home, Ennox enjoys cuddling on the couch or bed, a well-deserved pastime for a retired 10 year old PSD.

Ennox was born in Innisfail on November 24, 2012 and worked in Prince George, BC and The Pas, Manitoba during his successful career with the RCMP.  Ennox was trained in tracking and narcotics detection, which resulted in a number of criminal apprehensions and drug detections throughout the years.  Ennox’s final high-risk incident took place in The Pas where he tracked a felon into town, who had escaped custody.  

In his golden years, Ennox has some minor hip issues and decreased mobility, and takes daily arthritis medication to keep him healthy and happy! 

Welcome to Ned’s Wish family buddy!