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Eryx (Erik), Regimental #970

Please welcome our newest addition to Ned’s Wish family: PSD Eryx by birth, or Erik – just because.  Eat your heart out Bono or Sting, our hero Eryx has two names!

Erik served his entire career with the RCMP and was first posted to Saskatchewan and then was transferred to Victoria, BC where he retired in 2022.

In his retirement, Erik is living his best life.  He loves to carry sticks and rocks around like a proud goose.  However, in winter when there are no rocks for him to pack around, he improvises by rolling snowballs with his nose and then carrying them instead.  Nobody taught Erik to do that. What a clever boy!

Thankfully, Erik does not have any health issues, and we hope he remains healthy, happy and enjoying every moment of his well earned retirement.  Welcome to the pack Erik!