Fargo, Regimental #989

Fargo, Regimental #989

Police Service Dog (PSD) Fargo was born on June 2, 2013 in Innisfail, Alberta. He has worked for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for the entirety of his career! 

Fargo began his career in Stephenville, Newfoundland before he transferred to Kamloops, British Columbia where he has spent the last 5 years. He will be retiring on September 8, 2021!

While Fargo’s main duties consist of covering calls mostly throughout Kamloops, he also works with the Emergency Response Team throughout Southeast British Columbia. Throughout his career, he has been very successful in catching a great number of suspects in a variety of cases! He has assisted in finding missing persons, locating crucial evidence, and putting criminals behind bars! It has been speculated that many of them remember Fargo by name.

Fargo has never been a fan of floors that are shiny and slippery. Whenever he goes in a home and has to cross slippery floors, he will turn around and walk backwards to cross them! Although, when he is tasked with a job on slippery floors he will complete them with ease! Fargo enjoys spending his days off with his buddy Murphy, a Labrador retriever. Murphy likes to play and will constantly harass Fargo who will growl back the odd time, but deep down he is just putting on a show and loves his friend! 

On September 17, 2021, Fargo is being adopted by new owners!