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Gando, Regimental #K9122

Greetings Gando and welcome to the pack!
After a shorter than expected career with the Edmonton Police Service, this comedian loves nothing more than bike rides/runs and lounging in the pool. PSD Gando was born in February 2018 in the Czech Republic and faithfully served the people of Edmonton from 2019 to 2023. During that time, Gando was responsible for numerous arrests, including two separate robberies with weapons and violence which saw Gando track, locate and apprehended the suspects. Good Boy Gando! On top of his tracking talent, Gando is also trained in drug detection and on one investigation he located a large quantity of drugs and a firearm that were concealed inside the door panel of a vehicle.

PSD Gando would’ve happily served longer if it weren’t for a back injury he suffered while clearing a house during a break and enter call. Disc herniation led to lumbar sacrum decompression surgery and lots of R&R, but unfortunately there was no coming back from this injury and Gando had to retire a few years earlier than expected.

In his retirement Gando enjoys chasing balls and making the neighbours laugh when he trips his human dad during bike outings. This is accomplished by Gando deciding he needs a head scratch NOW and knocking dad off kilter. When the bike rides are over, Gando loves cooling off in the backyard pool, a luxury he has come to expect as his reward for exercising. And when it comes time to drain the pool for winter, Gando is not amused!
Thank you Gando for keeping the streets of Edmonton safe and your neighbours entertained!