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Gunner, Regimental #1554

PSD Gunner is a true gem, and he’s become quite the family favorite, especially with the little ones. He’s got a soft spot for belly rubs, which anyone who meets him is happy to give in to. You’ll rarely catch Gunner without his beloved Kong rubber bone – a source of endless joy.

Gunner comes to us with an impressive resume, having served the Gatineau Police Service from 2016 until 2022. In his years on the force, he was a top-notch general-purpose dog, racking up multiple arrests, successful finds, and rescues. Whether it was tracking down runaway suspects, unearthing crucial evidence, or locating distressed individuals, Gunner was always ready for action.

One unforgettable moment was on his birthday, December 5, 2019. In the early hours, Gunner and his team tracked a fleeing suspect for 2.5 kilometers, ultimately finding the suspect deep in a freezing creek. What a birthday gift that was!

Let’s give a warm welcome to this extraordinary and heroic canine, Gunner!