Halla, Regimental #1059

Halla, Regimental #1059

Halla’s handler said that he was a ‘human who was always humbled by her each and every day”.  A familiar sentiment that most handlers have for their Canine partners, especially true when faced with dangerous situations.  Ned’s Wish is pleased to welcome another Heroic canine to its ranks – PSD Halla!

Did you know that Halla was featured as Miss May 2022 in our very own Ned’s Wish calendar?  At the time, Halla was still employed as an RCMP Police Dog, serving communities in West Shore, BC. In 2023, Halla traded her badge to become a full time rubber chicken farmer.  Halla is famous for her love of rubber chickens and knowing how to make an entrance.

Halla loves life and all those around her.  In comparison to her male counterparts, Halla was never the biggest or strongest, but what she lacked in her size, she made up for with her intelligence and tenaciousness. Halla never backed down from anything in all her years of service.  Here is one example of her drive and tenacity:  a family called police to report that their loved one experienced a mental health crisis and had stripped off his clothes, despite cold weather, and headed into the mountains.  There was a significant concern that the person would fall victim to hypothermia before long.  When Halla was given the task of locating the person, she tore up the mountain, handler in tow working hard to keep up.  Higher and higher they climbed, Halla following the person’s scent trail, until they could safely go no higher:  a thin, impassible ridge brought the search to an end.  Or so it seemed.  As her handler harnessed her up to lower Halla down from a cliff, she cocked her nose up and began sniffing the air heavily.  She then turned and pointed her nose toward a higher cliff.  There, the missing man was curled up in a ball, trying to stay warm.  

PSD Halla worked her entire career in British Columbia – faithfully serving communities in southern interior British Columbia and Vancouver Island.  She had a knack for getting the job done and having fun doing it.  In her humility, Halla would like to thank all the amazing people she and her handler had the honour of working with.  Thankfully, Halla is fit as a fiddle and she occasionally wishes she was still working.

Welcome to the pack Halla!  We are honoured to have you join the family, rubber chickens and all.