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Halo (Ero), Regimental #0976

Meet Ned’s Wish newest angel, PSD Halo!  Did you know that Halo has seven brothers, all of whom became working police dogs across Canada!  Seven cop brothers with teeth, that’s a family reunion you don’t want to miss!

PSD Halo worked his entire service with the RCMP in the Red Deer area. Of all of his professionally trained profiles, Halo loved tracking the most.  Because of his exceptional nose and other highly desirable attributes of a working police dog, Halo was chosen to be part of the RCMP’s breeding program.  Halo is a proud dad and a grandad to several generations of police dogs.  

In his retirement Halo continues cherishing his Kong ball, so much so that he will drool in anticipation of getting it in his mouth.   Those who work Halo’s pups might need to know that Halo’s genes might contain some beaver because he’ll chew logs into toothpicks!  Good luck with that backyard bonfire!