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Hammer, Regimental #1041

In myths, there is a reason that Thor’s hammer is the most valued treasure of the Gods. It is used by Thor to defend both Gods and humans from the giants.  Thor’s hammer’s sacred function is to protect…

Appropriately named PSD Hammer is fulfilling his destiny as the protector and so much more… Ned’s Wish is honoured to welcome this real Hero to its family.

Hammer is a German Shepherd who was born at the RCMP Police Dog Training Centre in Innisfail, Alberta on March 5th, 2015. He was raised and imprinted in Fort McMurray, AB where his handler, Cpl. Don Graves was posted. Hammer and Cpl. Graves graduated from training in July 2017, being dual-trained as both a general duty patrol dog and in explosives detection.

Shortly after graduation the team was transferred to Comox Valley, BC, where they served Hammer’s entire 7-year career. Hammer retired on February 5, 2024.

Hammer had a long and fruitful career. Recently, Hammer’s tracking skills resulted in the successful conclusion to a lost child incident. Hammer tracked the missing autistic, 4 year-old child who went missing from his home shortly after midnight. The youngster had bare feet and just pyjama bottoms for clothing. The track was 3 hours old when Hammer thankfully managed to locate the child in the backyard of another residence. 

Hammer and his handler were called to another incident on an overpass along a busy highway, where a despondent female told people that she intended to jump into the traffic below. As the female attempted to climb over the side of the overpass, Hammer was sent to apprehend her before she could jump. Hammer arrived in time to grab her by the leg and hold her in place until his handler and another officer could take custody of her.

Hammer loves to hang out in the kitchen, always ready to help with meal preparation and waiting to clean up anything that falls onto the floor…or for the cook to turn their back long enough for him to move in and make a quick “grab and run”. That is initiative at its finest!!

Hammer has had a rough time of it just 3 weeks into his retirement! Despite his medical setbacks, we are hoping that with veterinary help and assistance from Ned’s Wish that Hammer will have a long, enjoyable and comfortable retirement. Welcome to the Ned’s Wish pack, Hammer!!