Hans, Regimental #6926

Hans, Regimental #6926

We are all drawn to heroes with stories of overcoming epic struggles and emerging victorious despite all odds. Our newest hero, retired PSD Hans, has one of those incredible stories that would inspire anyone to keep going, even when the road ahead looks grim.

Hans was born on March 15, 2013 in the Netherlands.  He served with the Ontario Provincial Police covering the East Region of Ontario including Lanark County, Perth, Leeds and Grenville detachment areas.  Early in his career, Hans was trained as a general duty service dog with explosive profile, but later, he was used as a general duty expert which included tracking, search and rescue, criminal apprehension, article searching, and officer protection. As an Explosive Detection Dog, Hans was tasked with searches of special event venues, the aircraft of high profile dignitaries and even Royal families.  Their transport and accommodations, not their Royal Highnesses. 

His career was going well, when one day out of nowhere Hans’ bowels twisted.  Also known as mesenteric axis bowel torsion, this is an acute, very painful and often fatal condition.   To ease his suffering, it was recommended that Hans be euthanized.  

As his handler called his commanding officer with the news, the surgeon interrupted the call to say Hans was fighting back, and that his veterinarian team wanted to give him another chance at life.  Hans spent the next 11 days in ICU, with his handler on the floor at his side for 12 hours a day. Hans was on I.V. fluids, had a gastro nasal tube, abdominal drainage, bladder catheterization, and an esophageal feeding tube, to name a few of the medical necessities needed to keep him alive. Hans lost a great deal of weight but was still fighting to live. 

His handler, the O.P.P., and his medical team did not give up on him either. Thanks to his grit and the work and dedication of Dr. Charles Bruce, of Alta Vista Animal Hospital, Dr. Jason Donohoe, of Donohoe Mobile Vet Services and Dr. Kim McGrimmon of Perth Vet Clinic, against all odds Hans made a full recovery and was able to return to active duty until he and his handler retired in good standing on October 1, 2021. 

The lesson here is to never give up!  Hope you enjoy your retirement Hans and welcome to Ned’s Wish.  Glad to have you amongst us, brave soul!