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Herc, Regimental #1027

While police K-9s have a persona of being strong and tough, deep down they have a soft squishy side that the public rarely sees. Take PSD Herc, who during the day was chasing down bad guys, but when he returned home, he faced his toughest job of the day: choosing which blackberry to pluck from the bush to eat.

Born in Innisfail, Alberta, Herc served with the RCMP in Nanaimo, and was deployed across Vancouver Island. Over the course of his career, Herc was successfully able to apprehend 87 suspects.  One of his biggest catches was when he successfully caught an individual who had just robbed a bank.

Throughout his career, Herc protected numerous officers and civilians. Now Herc is hanging up his harness, soaking up beautiful British Columbia weather and living the retirement dream.