Hulk, Regimental #1032

Hulk, Regimental #1032

A new local SuperHero is joining the Ned’s Wish family after a successful career with the RCMP – PSD HULK. Hulk by name, teddy-bear by nature, this loveable BEAST of a dog weighs 95 lbs.  Hulk served his entire career working in the Edmonton area, based out of the Parkland RCMP Detachment.  Hulk is also native to Alberta, he was born at the RCMP kennels in Innisfail, Alberta on March 6th, 2015. 

Hulk’s record of service doesn’t just include the RCMP as he also trained with the Canadian Armed Forces and worked with the Emergency Response Team (ERT) in high risk situations.  Hulk was also one of the RCMP Police Dogs that aided in tracking and locating the criminal who killed his four-legged brother, PSD Jago, in 2021. 

Despite his name, Hulk has never transformed into an angry green giant, but he certainly acted as a superhero. Extremely dedicated and enthusiastic, Hulk has never acted with any malice and has always given his 100 % with a great attitude, sparkle in his eyes and a killer smile. 

In his retirement Hulk loves his belly rubs, and will lay on his back and stare his human down until he is provided with said belly rubs. But, Hulk’s favorite is when you scratch his chest.  You will know it when you get the right spot, as Hulk will lean his entire 95 lbs of his body weight into you and have a blissful smile on his face. 

Welcome to the family Super-Hulk!