Hunter, Regimental #1038

Hunter, Regimental #1038

HUNTER is an extremely personable PSD who has joined Ned’s Wish family after retiring with the rank of SUPER AWESOME!  Hunter volunteered with Ned’s Wish even before he retired. But wait, Hunter lived up to his name and even fired a few shots with a gun!  Hunter is the Steve McQueen of his species.

During his illustrious career, Hunter was an enthusiastic, happy and fun-loving partner, with a passion for tracking fugitives and lost and missing people. In one case, an elderly man was reported missing for over two days. Once his vehicle was found in a remote area of Southern Alberta, Hunter got to work. Mere minutes later, Hunter picked up the man’s scent and jumped down the steep cliffs of the Badlands of Drumheller and towards the banks of the Red Deer River. When his handler caught up, Hunter had found the missing man alive and conscious, but injured and suffering from hypothermia.  Before being transported to hospital, Hunter gave the man a few licks of support.

In another case, a man was reported missing and believed to have been met with foul play from a house party.  Hunter was deployed to search a vast area in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, where soon after he located the body of the missing man. By responding so quickly and finding the body of the perished man in such a short time, Hunter not only helped bring closure to the man’s family, but also helped to bring justice and secure homicide convictions to those who were involved.

Here is a funny story about Hunter living up to his name.  Hunter was sent out to track armed fugitives who were suspected in an attempted kidnapping and forcible confinement of their victim.  As Hunter got to tracking he found a loaded gun.   Clearly knowing this was important evidence and a safety hazard, Hunter picked it up. Not knowing exactly how the thing worked, Hunter inadvertently fired off rounds.  You can just picture him saying:  “Do you feel lucky, Punk?”  Cool under fire, his human partner quickly negotiated to exchange the gun for Hunter’s favourite Kong toy.  Hunter likely thought he got the better end of the deal.

One of Hunter’s unique character traits is to play “tag”, which he ALWAYS wins at whatever cost. Hunter loves to crawl onto the bed, flip over and demand belly rubs. If no belly rubs are delivered, Hunter will force his nose onto the handler’s hand to communicate he will not take “no” for an answer.  Now retired in the Edmonton area, Hunter is looking forward to being a full time volunteer with Ned’s Wish and hopefully scoring extra belly rubs during meet and greets! 

Welcome to the family Hunter!