Jak, Regimental #1057

Jak, Regimental #1057

Ned’s Wish welcomes back Mr. October from our 2021 Calendar!

PSD Jak was born on June 25, 2016 in Innisfail, Alberta. Jak was raised by his handler as a second dog from 7 weeks old and finished his training in March 2018. Jak was first posted with the RCMP in Prince George, British Columbia and later transferred to Kelowna, British Columbia. Jak’s career was highlighted with many successes, from tracking down firearms to assisting with individuals dealing with mental health crises.

During one call Jak successfully tracked down two suspects from a stolen vehicle who were armed with a shotgun and homemade explosive. One of the suspects was previously involved in a homicide. On another occasion, Jak tracked an arson suspect through frigid winter temperatures. However, due to the weather this track became a rescue mission as the suspect became hypothermic and nearly expired.

When Jak isn’t riding in his patrol car and resting his head on his partner’s shoulder, he loves spending time with his family. Jak is a natural swimmer and enjoys chasing his Kong any opportunity he gets.

Welcome to Ned’s Wish PSD Jak!!