Jake, Hamilton PD

Jake, Hamilton PD

Jake is a German Shepherd who was born in the Czech Republic on March 28th, 2013, prior to immigrating to Canada to train and work with the Hamilton Police Service.  PSD Jake began his career with the Hamilton Police in January 2014 as a general service patrol dog, cross-trained in narcotics, firearms and currency detection. Jake’s 10-year career definitely had some memorable moments.  Jake helped recover 63 guns and over $500,000 in proceeds of crime cash over the course of his career.

Jake assisted a neighbouring police service as they were following a stolen pickup truck. During an attempted road block, the stolen truck rammed several police vehicles before escaping and being dumped in Jake’s home turf, the Hamilton area. Jake and his handler tracked the suspects from the vehicle for over 2 & a half kilometers, covering varied terrain from roads to industrial complexes and wooded areas. Along the way Jake located discarded evidence that tied the suspects to the vehicle. Jake tracked both suspects to where they were found hiding underneath a shed in an industrial complex, and they were both subsequently arrested.

Jake was requested for a search for a missing firearm after an overnight shooting incident. The suspect had been arrested approximately a half kilometer from the scene, but he was not in possession of the firearm alleged used in the offense. PSD Jake was deployed to search a 20 square block radius trying to find the weapon.  The search was essentially like looking for the proverbial “needle in a haystack”, as no witnesses could provide an exact escape route taken by the alleged shooter. After searching for several hours, Jake locked onto a scent and led his handler up a driveway a few blocks from where the accused had been arrested. Almost 12 hours after the shooting, Jake indicated on a spare tire at the side of a residential garage, which had a potted plant placed on top. Underneath the pot, Jake’s handler found the firearm used in the shooting, confirmed by DNA testing.

One bad guy or many bad guys, Jake didn’t care.  He’d find them all.  During a rash of stolen vehicle incidents, Hamilton police located a stolen vehicle occupied by all 5 people who were responsible for the crime spree. After a short pursuit, the vehicle lost control and struck a fence, immobilizing it. Like long-legged jack rabbits, they all fled on foot into a residential area, hopping fences into back yards and scattering in different directions. Patrol units quickly set up a perimeter, and Jake got to tracking.  After almost 2.5 hours of tracking and searching the area, all 5 were arrested by Jake.

Some shifts are definitely busier than others, and Jake’s handler remembers a very memorable “Trifecta” shift.  On a night shift, Jake conducted a detection search from a vehicle bailout and recovered a discarded firearm. From there he was called to a domestic violence incident where the suspect had fled on foot after an assault. After a 45-minute track from the residence, the accused was located and arrested hiding in amongst some large rocks on a waterfront breakwater wall a half kilometer from the residence. Nearing the end of the shift, Jake and his handler were called to an alarm call where an insecure door was found. Jake searched the building and found a suspect hiding inside, who was then arrested.  That was a memorable shift indeed!!

After 10 years of service, Jake retired in January 2024, and has now begun the transition into retired life at home.  Thank-you Jake for keeping your community safe for a decade.  You’ve certainly earned your retirement Jake, and welcome to the Ned’s Wish pack!!