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Jake, Regimental #WV09

Ned’s Wish would like to welcome a new member to our family, Vancouver Police Service Dog, Jake, Regimental # WV09. 

PSD Jake was a fan favourite at work and in the community, often visiting schools or coming in the office and hanging out with his fellow teammates on patrol.  

Jake is a recently retired patrol dog, who was attached to the Patrol Team, serving in the District of West Vancouver, spanning from Cypress Mountain and the BC Ferries in Horseshoe Bay, to the Lions Gate Bridge.  Jake was involved in the capture of just over 100 subjects in his 7+ year career.  When it was time for business, PSD Jake knew when to turn it on and could run fast and hit hard.  To Jake, it was just a game, a game that he didn’t like to lose.  His tenacity, will, and drive, are all traits that inspire those that know him.

PSD Jake was born in Hungary and was paired up with his human partner on February 6, 2015 for about 6 weeks before beginning their training with the Vancouver Police.  After graduating, the partners worked on the road together from August 2015 until September 2022. PSD Jake worked his last shift on September 22, 2022 and has retired to the family home where he is able to relax and enjoy his retirement.

PSD Jake looks forward to hanging out, chewing on a treat filled Kong, and going on future camping trips with his family during retired life.  Welcome to the family Jake!