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Jimmy, Regimental # 1084

Jimmy is a 7 year-old German Shepherd who was born December 27th, 2016 at the RCMP Police Dog Training Centre in Innisfail, Alberta. Jimmy was trained as a specialty narcotics detection dog without aggression training. Jimmy graduated from “Kennels” in November of 2018, spent 5 and a half years on the job, and retired on February 1st, 2024.  Along with his handler, Jimmy spent his career working in the West Kootenays of southeastern BC.

Jimmy was trained as a narcotics detection dog, and conducted literally 100’s of vehicle searches for narcotics on the highways of British Columbia, leading to numerous arrests, seizures of large quantities of both narcotics and currency. Jimmy successfully located kilos of Fentanyl and Cocaine, along with large sums of drug money.  One of his best finds was detecting a kilo of Fentanyl inside a truck that was hidden inside a frozen box of ready-to-cook hamburger patties.  The nose knows!!

Jimmy is still a very high energy dog, as with most RCMP dogs, and he acts more like a 2 year-old than the 7 year-old pup that he is. He is a fantastic dog who is very social and loves everyone, including other dogs.  When riding in the police truck Jimmy always liked to press his face up against the cage, with his lips open showing his teeth in a big smile.  Jimmy is known to be a big face licker and loves leaving people’s faces absolutely covered in dog slobber!

Jimmy’s narcotics detection days may be over, but with all that energy and sociable personality Jimmy is more than ready to move on to his next chapter called “retirement”.  Thanks for keeping all those street drugs off the street Jimmy, and welcome to the Ned’s Wish pack!!