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Jola, Regimental #16-037

Retired PSD Jola has the funniest and sweetest nature. She loves, loves her toys! She has many in the house and yard. When her human goes out to play with her, she frantically gathers them all in a line across the yard and tries to keep them to herself. When one of her toys gets captured and tossed for her to fetch, Jola’s humans proceed to scatter the rest of the toys she lined up earlier, while she is busy chasing the one that got away. Once back with it, Jola re-gathers all the toys and arranges them again in a “police lineup”!! Policing runs in her blood!

Jola also loves to wash all of her toys in her little wading pool all summer long. That’s the momma in her, gotta keep things clean and tidy. In the winter she chases, carries and paws at ice balls like she’s playing soccer. If she knows you have a treat she will sit and randomly go through an intricate routine of every trick she knows whether you ask her or not, just to get that treat. What a smart cookie.

PSD Jola was part of the imprinting program with the RCMP, until she was selected as a breeding momma for the program. Jola had 4 litters and produced several working RCMP dogs. She was forced to retire due to having a seizure.

Jola suffers from glaucoma as well as a sensitive stomach and skin. She gets daily eye drops for her glaucoma and avoids any seafood to prevent her skin sensitivities. Her veterinarian was unable to determine the cause of the seizure, so Jola’s humans are unsure if it will show up again. Despite her medical conditions, Jola is a happy go lucky lady with a big smile and personality to match. Ned’s Wish is excited to welcome this beauty to our ranks!