Kash, Regimental #1095

Kash, Regimental #1095

The name Kash stems from the Sanskrit word Akash, meaning “universe” or “sky”.  The forces of the universe are strong with this appropriately named hero, who seemingly aligned mystical powers to save the life of a 4-year-old boy. 

So often, stories of missing children end in tragedy, and that seemed the likely outcome when PSD Kash was put on the trail of the toddler who had been missing in dense bush near Mackenzie, BC, for over 30 hours.  Despite cold temperatures and incessant rain, Kash’s exquisite nose located the boy and returned him to his family.

To this day Kash still howls at sirens, which makes for dramatic entrances.  When working, the howling from the backseat of the patrol truck definitely made long road trips using lights and sirens a little more interesting…. Kash’s war howls must have been heard for everyone in his police pack as he was re-assuring everyone that he had their backs.

Kash was born at the RCMP Kennels in Innisfail, Alberta, in 2017 and spent his entire career protecting the people of Prince George, BC. A trait displayed early is the joy he derives from howling, whether in harmony with the siren of the police vehicle he was riding in or in appreciation for a fine meal of kibble.  

 This retired hero hasn’t had the easiest time in retirement.  Kash has been diagnosed with Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency, or EPI, a disease which leads to decreased production of pancreatic digestive enzymes.  This condition is being managed to help Kash have a good retirement and keep him howling long into the future!  Kash served us and now it’s time to take care of Kash.  Welcome to the Ned’s Wish family!