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Kora, Regimental #17-030BP

Kora was born on June 13, 2017 in Innisfail, Alberta at the RCMP Police Dog Service Training Centre. As a puppy, she developed personality traits that were not suitable for police work but she was an excellent candidate for the breeding program. 

The first-time Kora bred puppies, she had a litter of 13 pups! Although she did have 2 more litters, a C-section was needed and she developed mastitis. Due to this she was retired at the age of 4 from the breeding program.

Kora has an exuberant personality! She is full of energy and a loyal companion. At times, she requires a bit of patience but no matter what she loves everyone. Kora is loving retirement with her new family. She is protective and loves to hang out with them. There are also kids to play with and she has the run of the house. She loves to go for long walks, chew on her antlers, and chase the cat whenever the opportunity arises. If she sees someone pulling weeds in the garden, she thinks it’s okay to help and starts digging too! As her owner says “life is good”.