Locklin, Regimental #1130

Locklin, Regimental #1130

Welcome Locklin!

Not all heroes retire at an old age but that doesn’t mean that they haven’t had an action packed career. Even on PSD Locklin’s way into retirement he tracked and located not one, or two, but SEVEN suspects from stolen vehicles in the last 24 hours before his last operational shift! Like other RCMP dogs, PSD Locklin was born in Innisfail, AB at the Police Dog Service Training Centre in November 2018. PSD Locklin was posted to New Brunswick in 2021 and served the North West District portion of New Brunswick making a high impact on the escalation of property crime in that area.

A four-legged life of heroism doesn’t come without its risks though – to prevent the risk of further injuries PSD Locklin was forced into an early retirement. He injured his spinal cord during an operational call that damaged the nerves in his hind legs. Moreover, he recently had surgery to remove some lumps on his torso, from which he is recovering at home.

Now, in Locklin’s retirement, he loves just being a dog and running around on the family farm and when he finds fallen trees, will always try to carry them around.

We wish Locklin the best in his retirement and thank him for keeping us safe!