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Riot, Regimental #K903

While PSD Riot may not have the title “detective” in front of his name he did a lot of sleuthing in his work with the Durham Regional Police homicide unit as their first cadaver dog. Born in 2013, Riot went on to serve with the Durham Police until 2021.  

All of the dogs here on Ned’s Wish have impressive resumes but Riot’s might be the most amazing.  From his Durham base, Riot served across southern Ontario and worked major cases in Waterloo, Toronto, York and Peel, and also with the OPP in smaller centres. Riot worked on numerous high-profile homicide cases and also found time to facilitate over 100 hundred arrests when he wasn’t hunting murderers.  

Riot has been enjoying his retirement by taking long hikes. At the start of each hike he chooses a special stick which he carries for the entire journey. Riot is quite the social butterfly and enjoys meeting new people on the trails and wherever else he finds himself. Showcasing amazing dogs like Riot is something we at Ned’s Wish take pride in and we’re excited to welcome him to the family.