Rocco, Regimental #12101

Rocco, Regimental #12101

Rocco is a German Shepherd who was born in Germany! His birthday is May 30, 2012 which means he just turned 9- years old. He served the entirety of his 7 -year career with the Vancouver Police Department and is now fully retired. 

Throughout his career, Rocco was involved in many high- profile cases. On his second apprehension, he tracked 3 suspects from an armed jewelry store robbery and located one of the suspects hiding in a boat several blocks away! Another great example of an apprehension achievement: After an all -day manhunt which involved 2 suspects, multiple stolen cars, robberies, and an attempted car- jacking, Rocco apprehended the suspects. This was after the stolen vehicle collided head on with his handler. During Rocco’s last apprehension before retirement, he saved 2 victims from serious harm as they were being chased by a suspect with a knife. Rocco put his life at risk to apprehend the violent suspect. He received a commendation for his bravery and heroic actions. 

During retirement Rocco loves spending time with his family. His family knows when someone comes over because he begins barking in a high pitch manner and runs around the yard until he is able to greet them! 

Throughout the last month, Rocco has been having skin issues including bacterial and yeast. He is currently undergoing a number of tests as he is also having difficulty walking, sitting, and lying down. 

Ned’s Wish is currently holding a fundraiser to help Rocco and his family. Any proceeds raised between now and August 15, 2021, will go directly towards his medical expenses. Should we exceed the costs of his treatments, the remainder of the funds will go directly to other heroes in need.