Ryder, Regimental #12102

Ryder, Regimental #12102

This handsome boy, PSD Ryder, Reg # 12102 was born in Surrey, British Columbia in December 2012 and worked for the Vancouver Police Department. PSD Ryder had the pleasure of learning from the very best human partner who also happened to be a K9 trainer for the section. From 2014 to 2018 PSD Ryder served the Vancouver Police Department as a patrol and explosives detection dog.

If Ryder’s coworkers wondered why it looked like his human never got any sleep, it’s because with Ryder’s incredible drive and energy he felt he didn’t need sleep. If there was a ball around, Ryder would constantly harass his human and drop the ball at his feet or in his lap. Even after throwing the ball 500,243 times Ryder still wants to play with the ball!

In his retirement, Ryder will require ongoing care. At 3 years old, Ryder had part of a disk removed in in his back and now has some arthritis. He now has to have monthly shots for pain management and treatment for skin issues every couple of months.

This four-legged retired hero has served us, now it’s time to help him.

Welcome to Ned’s Wish Retired PSD Ryder!