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Tank, Regimental #964

Frank & Tank were like Batman & Robin but real life superheroes of the Nation’s Capital! 

Tank is not a stranger to the Parliament, as he and his handler, Frank, were posted to Ottawa, to work with the RCMP’s Explosives Disposal Unit.  Born on November 21, 2013, in Innisfail, PSD Tank comes from the grass roots of Alberta.  Tank made it big in Ottawa, spending his career with the RCMP, performing preventative sweeps for explosives for the Prime Minister and many other visiting state dignitaries.  Tank is not the first dog from Parliament Hill to have registered with Ned’s Wish, our recent Hero PSD Ivy / Evette, Reg # 945, also worked in the same unit in Ottawa. 

In his retirement, Tank still loves to fetch. When there is nobody from his human family available to throw his ball to fetch, Tank picks up rocks and brings them to strangers to throw them for him.  Oh how tables have turned:  Tank is training humans to work for him.  Welcome to Ned’s Wish and have a blast, Tank!