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Zoe, Regimental #89

Zoe is an Alberta-born German Shepherd who worked for the Camrose Police Service for 3 years.  She was born on November 14th, 2019, and she and her handler partnered up in September 2021.  The duo did their basic training with the Edmonton Police Canine Unit, and Zoe was subsequently certified as a general duty patrol dog.  Zoe was the sole police service dog working for the Camrose police along side Constable Matt Rolfe.

Zoe’s first successful street apprehension was certainly a good one.  An Emergency Medical Service’s ambulance was stolen while the paramedic was at a call inside of a residence. Thankfully there was no patient in the unit at the time when the bad guy took off in it.  The ambulance was subsequently crashed by the bad guy into a ground level suite of an apartment complex, and the suspect then fled on foot.  Zoe and her handler arrived on scene and got to tracking.  After searching through multiple yards and going over numerous fences the bad guy was located hiding under the back deck of a house several city blocks away from the wrecked ambulance.   Mr. Suspect refused to leave his newly found hiding hole, so Zoe went in and retrieved him.  He was subsequently taken into custody.  The guy’s story ended just as it started – in an ambulance!!  

Zoe is definitely a fan of the water and is in it whenever possible.  She has endless amounts of energy, and is always more than willing to chase that ball she loves so much.   Now that she’s retired, and still in good health, she can hopefully continue to chase her ball while frolicking in the water for many years to come!  Welcome to the Ned’s Wish pack Zoe!!