We are thrilled to announce that we have reached our fundraising goal to help retired PSD CHARGER walk again. We are extremely grateful to everyone for your donations, well wishes and support. You made this possible and you gave a second chance at dignified retired life to this beautiful dog, who stood on guard for you. THANK YOU!

We have officially closed Charger’s fundraiser!!! Sending you all a lot of love and gratitude from Charger himself.

If you would like to support Heroes like PSD Charger please follow the link below

Charger is doing well!

Charger has done so well since his surgery! He went home sooner than expected, he started physio sooner than expected and he wanted no part in his handler putting his harness on today because he was able to walk on his own sooner than expected.

He is having twice weekly physio sessions and soaking that all up. Part of his physio is having under water treadmill sessions which help him relearn to use his legs with the assistance of the buoyancy of water. Stay tuned for more updates

Charger Updates, Thank you donors!

We are happy to share some compilation clips of Charger with you guys!

He is doing great at home! He has an appt on Thursday to get some rehab assessment done and remove his surgical staples. Thank you for your generosity to ensure this Retired Hero received the life saving surgery he desperately needed. We are almost at our goal!!! Please share or spread some awareness for this decorated hero to help us reach our goal