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Stacey Talbot (Director / President)

Woof!!! My name is Stacey Talbot, and I am the President of Ned’s Wish.  Some may call me the Top Dog, not really, as it is totally a team effort here running Ned’s Wish!!! As you can see we have an outstanding group of passionate and dedicated volunteers looking after all our Retired Heroes!!!

I am a retired RCMP officer of 34 plus years, who had the best career ever!  The reason why it was the best was because I got to work with so many amazing people, do so many cool things but most importantly work with the most driven and talented police dogs and their handlers!  From missing/murdered people, tracking and catching bad guys, locating key evidence, and dealing with some of the worst bad dudes out there!  I was and continue to be in awe of the drive, work and training ethic these dogs and handlers have.  Day or night, rain or shine!  I mean let’s face it Canadian winter’s aren’t always balmy double digit temperatures.  These dogs and handlers did it all.  They were always there every time you needed them.  Remember police dogs unless at the vet clinic don’t usually get to stay home from work when they aren’t always 100%. They always seem to be on the sharp end of the pointy stick you might say.  My respect and gratitude for these hard working dog teams is unmeasurable.  So it is truly my honor to be leading the charge to look after these amazing Heroes! I had the honour of being Ned’s #687 guardian in his retirement. Currently Fraser #1006 aka Danger Fraser is keeping me on my toes in his retirement!  No rest for a retired police dog let me tell you!  

Now in retirement you will find me either with a retired police dog or riding horses.  My thoughts are with all of those still on the front lines and their families who support them.  Stay safe out there!!  Thank you for your service and a special thank you to those of you who have taken the time to read and help support these Heroes!!!