Tribute for Brando

Tribute for Brando

With profound sadness, we regret to announce that our beloved hero Brando passed away on September 12, 2022, after a short illness.  Brando was one of our Ned’s Wish ambassadors, attending many of our events as a meet and greet dog, and helping us show the public how amazing our heroes are.  Brando was special to each of us in a different way, and will be sorely missed.  

From Brando’s Handler:

If there was ever a dog living his best life it was Brando, and he deserved it. Brando and I partnered under tough circumstances for both of us.  Brando for not working out with his partner and me for losing my partner unexpectedly after 5 years together. I was probably not always fair to Brando in my assessment and expectations at first, and it took me longer then it should have to realize how special Brando was and what he was capable of. Brando was an extremely loyal and hard working partner that always had my back and did what I asked to the best of his ability. Looking back, I think it was his kind and caring side that probably helped me the most and its for that he will always be special to me and my kids.

I do remember the day I realized Brando was at the end of his working career, or I should say the day Brando let me know. He lay down in a field during a missing person search after about 15 minutes and just looked at me, and it was as if I could hear him say Dad I am done, I am not enjoying this anymore. He got up and we finished, but I knew he had given his all and was ready for the next chapter. My kids really wanted to keep Brando but I knew I couldn’t work a dog and give him the attention he needed or deserved.  So thank you for giving Brando the opportunity to live his best life. 

From Brando’s retirement family:

Brando was without a doubt my heart dog.  I still find myself looking for him throughout the day, and miss him terribly.  Brando was a bear of a dog who loved as fiercely as he worked, and we developed a close bond almost immediately.  It just seemed Brando knew he was home for good, and he fit into the tapestry of our home seamlessly.  He was a dog that was no stranger to the odd grudge… something my partner was well acquainted with… but was also a quintessential mamas boy who wasn’t afraid of asking for a little help if the “mean” cat was sitting on the stairs he needed to go down, or laying too close to that kong he desperately wanted, or even just looking at him from a room away.  I can also recall more than once having a 90 pound German shepherd crawling onto my chest at 3am at the barest hint of thunder, because sometimes tough guys just need a snuggle to get them through a storm. 

Brando was a playful companion for his brothers Kable and Finn, playing chase and trying to find mice in the long grass for hours.  We enjoyed long hikes together at the lake, and Brando LOVED his camper… even going so far as to teach himself how to turn on the heat and massage on the recliner beside mom.  And, his hedgehog… he loved his hedgehogs almost as much as he loved bacon, which is saying a lot.  He carried them any distance of hike, used them as pillows when sleeping, and never let them very far out of his sight.  The first thing he did when it was time for a truck ride was look around for his hog to come along.  It was something that got him a lot of attention on our walks, and he loved showing off for new people.  Brando was well known at our local pet stores, and Tim’s drive-thru… he got to know the phrase “bacon patrol”, and took this job very seriously.  He was my constant travel buddy, and always enjoyed seeing new things and meeting new people, whether that was at a Ned’s Wish event, or home with my elderly mother in PEI.  I also want to extend a huge thank you to Cpl Craig Mattatal, for allowing me to have this wonderful dog in my life.  He and his family made a sacrifice in giving Brando up for his retirement, and I can’t imagine a life where Brando and I didn’t get to meet.  I’m forever grateful to you all. 

When the time came, Brando passed peacefully on my lap with his hedgehog tucked under his chin, right where he liked it best.  He was just two months shy of his 13th birthday.  Sadly, just a month later, Brando’s brother Kable also passed.  It had been some time since the two had a good wrestle, as both struggled with mobility issues as they aged.  It gives me some solace to know they are together again, and can play and run as much as they want.

Retired Hero Dag Has Recovered!

Retired Hero Dag Has Recovered!

Ned’s Wish wanted to take a moment to show appreciation to the incredible community of supporters and donors who came together and supported this hero on his road to recovery! Dag’s medical bills exceeded $18K and because of all of you, Ned’s Wish was able to cover them all!


Retired Hero Dag will now be able to spend his hard earned retirement enjoying his kong and practicing the art of healing!

Tribute for Dave

Tribute for Dave

Ned’s Wish wants to honour the life of our Legendary Hero, Retired PSD Dave, Reg # 927.

While PSD Dave was Alberta bred in Innisfail as part of the RCMP program, he served most of his career in British Columbia.  Dave was born on January 15, 2011 and was a giant of a dog with a huge personality. 

Dave and his handler were trained and specialised in both the Marine Operations & Emergency Response Team (ERT) and they were routinely deployed on drug interdiction & maritime assault missions.  

Where Dave’s story becomes extra special is when he tracked down an innocent victim of abduction & extortion.  The victim was dragged into the woods at night and left there, tied up, to die.  Dave was able to track his scent and save his life.  The person PSD Dave saved became Dave’s new partner in retirement!  Dave continued to provide an immeasurable service of safety, security, and comfort to his new best friend.

In his retirement, Dave loved swimming and we lovingly nicknamed him Scuba Dave.  As intense as Dave was throughout his policing career, in his retirement, he would never pass up the opportunity to cuddle with his human family.  

Thank you for your service Dave, you are a true Legend. We celebrate your life with honour and pride.  You left a huge paw print on the lives of many and a gaping hole in our hearts.

In the memory of…

If you would like to donate in the memory of Dave or other heroes like him

Tribute for Dux

Tribute for Dux

Ned’s Wish would like to honour the life of the late PSD Dux, Reg # 0941, who passed away on September 8, 2022.  

Dux had a phenomenal ability to track, he could find your lost car keys at the bottom of a gross city sewer, if needed.  Dux also had the explosive profile, he was of the rare number of dogs to have located a live explosive device in Prince George, BC.

Dux also attended Canada’s 150 celebration on Parliament Hill and the G7 in Quebec.

On his last shift, Dux tracked and found a lost hiker, who then donated money to the SPCA under Duxes name as a thank you!

Dux’s family sent the following:

I am writing today to announce that retired PSD Dux has passed away on September 8th, 2022. 

He had gotten ill recently (several tumours had been found) and degraded quite quickly even before treatment could begin.

Dux loved and enjoyed his retired life surrounded by an incredible family that loved him so much.

He was an incredible partner to my husband, Cst. Craig Hubley, in his 6 years of service in the RCMP.

Dux was a softy at heart, wanting nothing more than to please his humans.

He will be dearly missed.

In the memory of…

If you would like to donate in the memory of Dux or other heroes like him

Tribute for Red

Tribute for Red

It is with deep sadness that Ned’s Wish would like to pay tribute to PSD Red Reg #924.

Red was born and raised at the Trail Runner Kennels, in Big River, Saskatchewan.  

Red worked as a narcotic detection dog in Saskatchewan and he and his handler were responsible for seizing over ten million dollars of narcotics during his service.  

Thank you for your service and thank you for keeping so many drugs off the Canadian streets.  

Rest in peace dear Red!

In the memory of…

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Tribute to Elvis

Tribute to Elvis

Our thoughts go out to Elvis’ family in Nova Scotia.  Rest in Peace Sweet Elvis!  Thank you for your service.  

Elvis family shared this with the Ned’s Wish family:

We were heartbroken today to say goodbye to our sweet Elvis following complications after emergency intestine surgery. Before he passed our family was able to gather and be with Elvis, so he was surrounded with love when he left us. Elvis was a much loved family member who brought a lot of joy (and hilarity!) to our lives.  Our family will always be grateful to Al Hamilton, Elvis’ handler who retired on the same day as his canine partner, for bringing this wonderful being into our lives.  We miss Elvis terribly.  

In the memory of…

If you would like to donate in the memory of Elvis or other heroes like him

Tribute to Darby

Tribute to Darby

Police Service Dog (PSD) DARBY “DARK” Reg #947 PSD DARBY was born at the Police Dog Service Training Center (PDSTC) in Innisfail Alberta on October 9th 2011. She graduated from PDSTC on November 1st 2013. She was posted in Bathurst NB with the Northeast Police Dog Services, where she worked for almost 6 years and officially retired on July 19th 2019. While working in Bathurst, she was involved in several investigations where she apprehended suspects running from police, located missing people, saved lives of people suffering from mental illnesses, and located drugs hidden in areas that would not have been found by members. When DARBY retired, she was re-homed in Halifax, NS with Sarah and Bridget, where she was given the opportunity to enjoy her retirement and received the best treatment a retired police dog could ask for until she passed away on October 2nd 2022.

In the memory of…

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Tribute to Falk

Tribute to Falk

In July shortly after retiring, one of our heroes, PSD Falk Reg # 980, passed away with his handler at his side. 

Falk hadn’t been feeling very well for several weeks prior to his passing and was rapidly losing weight and couldn’t keep his food down.   His handler and veterinarian tried different treatments for the most common causes,  to no avail.  Unfortunately he worsened suddenly and ended up in an emergency hospital, where he stayed overnight for hydration, testing and further consultation with specialists.  He was diagnosed with protein losing enteropathy which can happen for a variety of reasons.  In his case the mostly likely issue was a bad type of gut cancer called lymphoma. 

Falk served the citizens of the Lower Mainland in British Columbia for nearly 8 years from 2014 to this year. He and his handler worked together covering Hope to Pemberton, and all points in between.  Falk worked with the RCMP but was officially a New Westminster Police Department dog.  

Falk was a very courageous police dog, never hesitating to confront violence, in order to protect his handler and the other officers on scenes.  He was fearless in situations where he was protecting citizens.    Falk had a very keen ability to track and help locate people in various states of distress, at one point locating someone who was completely submerged in water.  On his last call for service, Falk successfully tracked and located a suicidal person.  The impact that Falk made on the Lower Mainland was great. 

When he wasn’t in work mode Falk enjoyed food, maybe a bit too much! If there was food to be found, Falk would find it!  He loved food so much, on many occasions he would sneak into his handler’s kitchen and raid the pantry, devouring as many tasty treats before he was caught!    Falk also liked to play dress up with his humans, sporting bunny ears one Easter.  

Falk was diagnosed early on in his career with a disease that afflicts many German Shepherds, called Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency.  This is a very debilitating disease, but Falk’s handler was able to manage the disease and keep Falk healthy and happy so he could keep doing what he loved, being a police dog.      Falk will be missed by many, but by his trusted partner the most.   

In the memory of…

If you would like to donate in the memory of Falk or other heroes like him

Thank you, Comox & Campbell River RCMP!!!

Thank you, Comox & Campbell River RCMP!!!

What’s a little competition amongst friends RIGHT!?

and when we say little…. We mean HOWLING HUGE!!!

The Comox Valley RCMP and Campbell River RCMP had a fundraising challenge to honour the year anniversary of PSD Gator’s passing who was killed in the line of duty.

Youth, local businesses, first responders & community members of all ages  came together over the months of June, July and August and raised…..

DRUM ROLL PLEASE….. $7665.00 for our “Cause for Heroes with Paws”

Thank you to Comox Valley RCMP and Campbell River RCMP Detachments (We Love You Both Equally…. No Competition There) and to everyone in both communities who participated in this initiative!

Who was the TOP DAWG in this competition you ask? No Bones About It….Ned’s Wish and our Retired Heroes of course!

From the Detachment….

At the end of June 2022 I reached out to Comox Valley RCMP Detachment member (Cst. Monika Terragni) and asked if she wanted to do a friendly competition with Campbell River RCMP Detachment to raise awareness and funds for Ned’s Wish. Ned’s Wish is a charity organization dedicated to preserving and enhancing the quality of life for retired police and military service dogs. Cst. Terragni quickly accepted the challenge and a timeline of August 15th was set. The winner would get the ultimate prize of ‘Bragging Rights’ against their neighbouring detachment. With the recent loss of PSD Gator due to a fatal stabbing in July 2021, members from both detachments, friends/family and the communities stepped up to the challenge with their generosity and providing assistance through creative ideas to raise money, which included;

Cst. Mark Taylor’s (BC Highway Patrol) children (Emery, Hadley and Rory) assisted by selling freezies and Pokemon buttons roadside in Campbell River and in a few short hours raised $75. Cpl. Krista Wallis (IFIS Campbell River) and Cst. Kurt England’s (PDS Campbell River) daughter (Anna) designed and created several items for purchase, including paracord bracelets, driftwood magnets, beaded bracelets, healthy dog treats and dog collars. Anna set up a table and sold her items while camping at a local campground and sold out quickly, raising $502.

Friends of Anna’s (Maisie Cockburn, Charlize and Chloe Masson, Brooklyn and Lacey Palmer) also made several craft items for purchase and sold lemonade roadside in their residential areas on a few occasions, raising $155. A large pickle jar full of dog bones brought in $140 with several persons paying a toll and guessing how many were in the jar; winning not only the jar of dog bones but also a free bay rental at Velocity located at the Campbell River Golf Club and a Ned’s Wish sweatshirt.

Facility Services Employees, Ken Enns and Larry Head served up a delicious BBQ meal of locally caught salmon and a variety of salads with the assistance of Sea J Charters Ltd., and Save on Foods. With a $5 minimum donation/meal, they quickly sold out and $540 was raised.

Cst. Kelsey Marsden a member of the Campbell River Detachment put together a basket of items donated by Hudson’s Bay Company, Roko Dog Wear and Ber Bites Dog Treats. Tickets were sold, totalling $268 and a random draw took place to announce the winner.

A local business, Smith and Lee Butcher heard about the fundraiser and jumped on board, creating a display of bones for customers to guess the weight by donation and winner to receive a meat package, $230 was raised. Another local business, Fitness etc., also contributed by asking customers if they wished to donate by rounding purchases up which reached $425.

Mary Davidson a local Epicure/Tupperware advocate welcomed the opportunity to help and indicated 100% of the profit made through sales would be contributed, totalling $130.

A 50/50 board was created and all squares were sold by Cpl. Krista Wallis. The winner, Erika Leigh Haley of Remax Campbell River won and graciously donated back her winnings, which raised $1000. On top of this Remax Employees came together and generously donated an additional $1465.

Campbell River Detachment ended on a high after collecting bottles/cans for a month and half, which were sorted by several members/staff at the detachment, totalling $1755.

An additional $100 was donated by various persons who wished to remain anonymous. In total Campbell River Detachment raised $6785 for Ned’s Wish.

“We raised a total of $880.00 here at the Comox Valley Detachment. And I have some inside information that this will not be enough to win the challenge. So, hats off to you and your entire team who raised money at the Campbell River Detachment.

In addition to taking in bottles from the detachment, we had a BBQ here on August 11th. The BBQ brought together police, fire fighters, paramedics, and more – it was a lovely show of support for Ned’s Wish!! PSD Case and Hammer showed up to enjoy the company and the support and we even had assistance putting the BBQ out at the end of it all. Thank you Krista for inviting us into this challenge – getting to know what Ned’s Wish is all about and raising money for these retired dogs was a pleasure. We are happy to have our butts handed to us this year but now that we know what we are up against, you might not be so lucky next year ☺ Assuming you are up for the challenge again?? Thanks again!! I’m already looking forward to next year.


Although Campbell River won ‘Bragging Rights’, we are very thankful to the Comox Valley Detachment members/staff for taking on this task in addition to their regular duties. As a result, a combined total of $7665 was raised and forwarded to Ned’s Wish. For more information on Ned’s Wish;

Cpl. Krista Wallis
IFIS Campbell River RCMP Detachment

Happy International Dog Day

Happy International Dog Day

Did you know that August 26 is known as the International Dog Day!

It is widely known that dogs are a hooman’s BEST friend, so WHY not celebrate them!

People have a long history of cohabitation with dogs.  Today, dogs’ contribution to our society goes beyond providing comfort and companionship.  Dogs put their lives on the line to assist law enforcement agencies track down dangerous criminals, and innocent victims, evidence, human remains, bombs, drugs and provide safety to the victims of crimes.

We at Ned’s Wish would like to recognise their contribution and their devotion to the work they do for their communities.   We would like to salute all working and retired K-9 heroes one dog at a time.  We couldn’t be more proud to support and be there for them when they need our help.

Ned’s Wish has helped many dogs over the years, but our latest dog in need is PSD Dag.  With your help Ned’s Wish was able to save Dad’s life.  Dag had to undergo a surgery to clear a nasty infection in his lungs, and we are very pleased to announce that he has been released from the hospital to recover at home with his human family.  The cost of Dag’s medical care was nearly $16,000 dollars and it is because of generous donations of dog lovers like you, we raised $4500.  If you would like to help reach our goal of raising $16,000 please consider donating:  After catching over a 100 bad guys, we think he is worth every penny.  Thank you!

We would love to thank all those who have sent their healthy thoughts, good vibes and funds to support Dag.  For those who are still considering doing a good deed, this is a perfect way to contribute to the well being of a dog, who dedicated his life to protect us.

So on August 26, we would like to celebrate the dogs and the humans that love and support them!  Please give your pooch huge cuddles and spoil them until they squeal with joy.