Claim Policy

Ned’s Wish strongly encourages all retired police and military dog owners to carry pet insurance. Ned’s Wish registered dogs receive a 10% pet insurance discount through Pets Plus Us. Please be aware that not having pet insurance could potentially affect the amount Ned’s Wish can provide for funding as it relates to injury or illness.
To make a claim for your registered retired police or military service dog, please be aware of and complete the following:

  • In all instances, you must submit a completed claim form and supporting invoice(s) by either yourself (or your attending veterinarian) for expenses relating to your dog’s illness or injury. Please ensure your claims are made within 60 days of treatment or completed insurance claims. You can fill out the claims form directly on the Ned’s Wish website:
  • The claim form also authorizes Ned’s Wish to contact the certified veterinarian or veterinary clinic your dog received medical treatment, medication, supplements, or dog food from. This will allow us to connect with your veterinarian or clinic on your behalf to facilitate payment of your claims.
  • If your dog is covered by pet insurance, please provide proof of documentation to indicate what portion of the claim was not covered by insurance and you are requesting reimbursement for.
  • You may also wish to contact our Ned’s Wish Volunteer Vet at, or speak with one of our retired dog care specialist volunteers to assist you at +1 (780) 259-7557.

Please note that all expenses are subject to board approval, pending available funding and circumstances. Ned’s Wish will endeavor to do our utmost to review and approve your claim in the timeliest manner possible.

ELIGIBLE CLAIMS (What we can help with)

  • Examination fees.
  • Medications.
  • Actual cost of treatment (means the standard fees/costs that the treating veterinarian would charge for any injury or illness, whether it is a pre-existing condition or not).
  • Costs not covered by your insurance policy.
  • Prescription dog food:
    50% of the cost of prescription food is eligible when recommended by your veterinarian for the treatment of illnesses or injuries.
  • Herbal therapy:
    Herbal therapy the involves the use of herbs (either as single products or in combination with other herbs for medicinal purposes. This must be recommended or prescribed under the supervision of a veterinarian with training and experience in herbal medicine).
  • Supplements:
    Dietary supplements (including vitamins and nutraceuticals) manufactured and labelled with ingredient analysis that are recommended by your veterinarian in the treatment of illnesses or injuries. • Mobility aids (e.g.: ramps, harnesses, etc. as recommended by your veterinarian, or our volunteer veterinarian).

NON-ELIGIBLE CLAIMS (What we cannot help with)

  • GST and Provincial Sales Tax.
  • Vaccinations, titer tests, flea control, tick control, heartworm medication, and deworming. • Anal gland expression.
  • Parasite control, including but not limited to: internal or external parasites.
  • Spaying or neutering at any time or for any reason, unless recommended by your veterinarian. • Boarding or transport expenses.
  • Bedding, housing, crates, cages, ramps (that do not otherwise fall into the mobility aids category). • Treats, feeding bowls/platforms, exercise, non-prescribed special diets, raw food diets that aren’t prescribed by a certified veterinarian, other pet foods, routine or preventive supplements (unless covered above). • Bathing needs including non-medicated shampoo, grooming, nail trims, ear cleaning, ear irrigation. • Toys, clothes, leashes, collars.
  • Any illness or Injury resulting from activities related to training for or participating in any form of secondary employment of the retired police service dog: including detection, property guarding or apprehension work.


  • “Certified Veterinarian” means a veterinarian licensed to practice and in good standing in the area where your dog is treated or examined.
  • “Deductible” means the monetary amount that you have paid for each Illness or Injury, that was not covered by pet insurance;
  • “Dog” means a retired police or military service dog owned for companionship and not owned for commercial reasons.
  • “Examination” and other derivatives means an examination performed by or under the supervision of a veterinarian, including a physical, physical consultation, inpatient examination, in-hospital examination, health certificate, consultation, office visit, office call, office fee, referral, or re-check.
  • “Hospital” means all veterinary facility types and/or means by which a pet receives veterinary care. The term “hospital” includes but is not limited to: veterinary clinic, veterinary hospital, veterinary teaching hospital, mobile and/or house call veterinary practice, specialty veterinary center, specialty veterinary hospital, referral veterinary hospital, or veterinary care center.
  • “Illness and/or injury” means any disease, disorder, sickness, illness, and/or syndrome characterized by a loss of normalcy and that is manifest by clinical signs or symptoms.
    NED’S WISH – A Society for Retired Police and Military Service Dogs Devon, Alberta, Canada
  • “Illness” means any sickness, disease, or any change to your dog’s normal healthy state not caused primarily by an injury.
  • “Injury” means physical harm or damage to your dog caused by an event and is not more directly related to an underlying disease process.
  • “Medication” means any medicine legally prescribed and recommended by your veterinarian and approved by an applicable governmental authority for use by veterinarian.
  • “Prescription Food” means a diet formulated, tested, and manufactured with guaranteed analysis and safety standards to aid as part of the treatment of specific medical Conditions. A veterinarian must prescribe and dispense the diet. Prescription Foods do not include general maintenance diets, homemade diets, or raw food diets, unless prescribed and dispensed by a veterinarian.
  • “Registration Date” means the date and time you registered your retired police service dog with Ned’s Wish. • “Vaccination” and derivations thereof means the administration of a legally approved commercial vaccine by a veterinarian in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations to prevent disease. • “Veterinary Treatment” means diagnostic tests, surgeries, procedures, medications, supplements, prescription foods, orthotic devices, prosthetic devices, carts, nursing, and other care proven and accepted as forms of treatment.
  • “You”, “Your” and other derivatives means the person having lawful custody of the retired police or military service dog.

NED’S WISH – A Society for Retired Police and Military Service Dogs Devon, Alberta, Canada