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Hammer Needs Our Help!


Gratitude Alert!!!

Gratitude Alert!!!

We are pleased to share that PSD Hammer’s surgery and care have been paid for in FULL because of your generosity and support. Hammer’s recovery…Continue…

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After an amazing career with the RCMP and only 21 days into retirement, Hammer wasn’t feeling like his normal self; just off, without an explanation. His family took him to Boundary Bay Vet specialty hospital in the Vancouver area where they quickly diagnosed a twisted spleen, which required emergency surgery to remove his spleen completely.

Thanks to the staff at Boundary Bay, Hammer was able to go home to his family. Hammer is slowly getting back up on his paws!

Hammer’s medical expenses exceeded $5,700.00, a small price to pay to help this retired hero earn the life of leisure he so richly deserves. Please, help us cover his life saving medical expenses. We would be forever grateful and every little bit helps.

Should we be fortunate enough to exceed our goal, any excess funds will be used to help another retired hero in need.

Stay tuned for further updates as Hammer recovers.

All donations made through this GFM over $25 will immediately be issued a tax receipt through the PayPal Giving Fund.

Thank you for your generosity toward this Retired Hero. He was there for us, and now we need to be there for him.

Please consider helping Hammer by visiting the GoFundMe below or directly donating: