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Help Jack Get Back on Track



With a heart full of gratitude, Jack doesn’t have enough words to thank everyone who donated and helped him feel better! We, at Ned’s Wish,…

Jack is healing, slowly but surely!

His personality is back, and he is curious about everything I am doing. He has been spending all his time indoors to keep his incision…

Stratford, Ontario is world renowned for staging Shakespeare’s great tragedies but also hosted a real-life drama involving Retired Hero Jack, one which almost cost him his life.

Jack is an 8-year Stratford Police veteran who demonstrated his mettle from the early days of his career in 2015, when he won a life saving award for locating a suicidal person missing in sub freezing temperatures. And when he later saved his handler from an attacker, Jack surely had a line from Julius Caeser going through his mind: “I am a dog – beware my fangs!”

Just months into his well-earned retirement, Jack faced a life-threatening crisis. He developed a bowel obstruction, but in circumstances befitting one of the Bard’s tragedies, all the local veterinary hospitals were at capacity and couldn’t help. Dehydrated and showing signs of sepsis, Jack was in very dire straights when the Toronto Veterinary Emergency Hospital (TVEH), came to the rescue. There, Jack was stabilized and taken into emergency surgery.

Thanks to the dedicated and skilled team of veterinarians, nurses, imaging technicians and support staff who worked to save Jack, he made it through the surgery and is expected to do well in his recovery.

“ ‘Tis not enough to help the feeble up, but to support them after”

Jack’s emergency care has cost over $8500 and, as is the case with all our Retired Heroes, we’re here to help and to ask for your support. None of our work would be possible without you! And at this time of year, a generous donation in a loved one’s name makes a great and heartfelt gift.

All donations made through this GoFundMe will be immediately issued a charitable Tax Receipt through the PayPal Giving Fund and we’ll provide updates until we reach our goal. Any funds beyond $8500 will go toward helping other Retired Heroes in need.

Thank you for your kindness and generosity to help this Retired Hero, who protected so many, get back on his paws! As Shakespeare said, this dog will have his day!

Please consider helping Jack by visiting the GoFundMe below or directly donating: