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Dag’s Update

Good News Alert! PSD Dag has received a life saving surgery and was doing well the next morning.  Dag’s bloodwork is looking good and both of his chest tubes have been now removed. Dag didn’t skip a beat and went back to being a police dog, searching and clearing his medical facility, while still wearing his bandages.  Rest assured, all the staff and other patients are safe under his watchful eye. Dag also discovered that he has acquired a new superpower that was magically derived from a new cone he grew around his head overnight.  He is now known as MegaDag!

Dag’s Update

Dag was rushed to a local emergency clinic late last week as he wasn’t breathing normally. The vet on duty recognized the need to provide life saving interventions as he had massive amounts of fluid filling his chest impairing his ability to get oxygen around his body. Two chest tubes were placed and he required oxygen support for several days. During that time many tests were run including CT, blood work, fluid analysis, ultrasound and bacterial culture. It was determined he had a severe infection in his chest. He seemed to be responding to his treatments initially but unfortunately he

K-9 Karma for PSD Dag

One of our own needs some Good Karma today! Ned’s Wish just learned that recently retired Calgary PSD Dag was rushed to the ICU because his lungs were filling with fluid, making it difficult for him to breathe. When he arrived at the hospital he was in critical condition, fighting for his life due to a severe chest infection requiring tubes to be placed to help him breathe.

Dag is under the great care of Dr. Heather Suttie and Veterinary Technicians Lyndsey, Raaelene and Jess at Trinity Hills 24 Hr Veterinary Hospital.  Fluid has been drained from Dag’s lungs and he is stable for the time being. He is undergoing multiple tests, including a CT scan, to determine the underlying cause of this infection, and may need a surgery, which will cost upward of $15000.  

Over his career with CPS, Dag has helped catch approximately 100 bad guys, some of whom were terrorizing Calgary neighborhoods by breaking into homes while the residents were still inside!  Dag worked tirelessly to locate and help capture these dangerous offenders, keeping us safe. 

It’s said that dogs are angels on Earth, and this K-9 angel has earned all the good doggie Karma he can get right now, and some much needed assistance from the human community he selflessly kept safe for years.  

 Please “paw it” forward and help Dag get better by donating today.

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About Dag

Dag, Regimental #2015

Ned’s Wish is excited to welcome another Calgary Police Services K-9 Officer Dag.  Born in Kosice, Slovakia, Dag is a true globetrotter, traveling through California before arriving in Alberta in 2018.  Dag is fully multilingual and can speak: Dog, Slovakian, English and French! After graduating from his police training, PSD Dag served and protected the residents of Calgary, sometimes helping the RCMP detachments surrounding the Calgary area.   Over his career with CPS, Dag has assisted with locating and arresting approximately 100 bad guys, some of whom were terrorizing Calgary neighborhoods by breaking into the homes, while the residents were still