Hero of the Month

Boss has been registered with us for about a year now and is one of our few Saskatchewan dogs. He has financial support from the Saskatoon SPCA, which is outstanding and Ned’s Wish has been able to help with the remainder of his bills.

Unfortunately, Boss has a few ongoing issues which require fairly costly treatments on a regular basis. He has arthritis in his knees and hips, which is managed with pain medication. Boss also has severe allergies and ear infections, which are controlled with a special food and allergy medication.

While he was scheduled to have a CT to assess his ear infections further, it was discovered that he also has an abnormal heart rate, which made proceeding with the CT not as safe at this point in time.

Boss also has a pancreatic disease that requires him to take digestive enzymes with every meal. His dedicated handler spends a lot of time making sure all of the food and treatments are managing all the issues.

Read more about Boss here:

Boss, Regimental #K9-13

While PSD Boss isn’t the boss of the house, he sure is the boss of the kitchen. Boss does not like missing his meals. He stomps around and flops himself on the floor huffing and groaning until it’s meal time, so you get dinner and a show but in reverse order!! Boss joins Ned’s Wish after a successful 6-year career with the Saskatoon Police Service. During his service, Boss and his handler were awarded the Chiefs Team Award, after successfully tracking armed robbery suspects for over 100 kilometers!!! Toward the end of this epic pursuit, one of the suspects fled

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