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Hooper Needs Your Help

Retired Police Service Dog HOOPER Needs Your Help

It’s particularly tragic when someone completes a lifetime of public service, only to be hit with a major health problem right after retiring. HOOPER was set to enjoy his well deserved break in the sunshine, when just a few months into his retirement his hind legs showed signs of a serious issue.

In order to make a proper diagnosis of Hooper’s condition he required a CT scan which cost over $6,000.00.

Hooper has been diagnosed with presumptive Degenerative Myelopathy after ruling out all other options. This is like ALS in people which means he will slowly lose control of his muscles. This is devastating news but his family is helping him adapt to his new limitations. He is learning to use a mobility cart to support his hind legs and may need a harness and ramps to help him further. At present his medical costs and mobility cart have exceeded $6700.00.

PSD HOOPER joined Ned’s Wish after retiring from the New WestMinster Police Department, where he served his community for five and a half years, catching armed and dangerous criminals and finding several kilograms of narcotics at the Vancouver International Airport. This stoic hero has earned a pain free and comfortable retirement.

We at Ned’s Wish are here to support Hooper but we need your help to fund his health care and to keep providing life-preserving and changing care for all our retired heroes.

All donations over $25 made through the website or social media will be issued a charitable Tax Receipt. Once our goal is reached we will post an update, and we’ll let you know how Hooper is doing. Should we exceed our goal, any excess funds will go towards helping another Retired Hero in need!

Please share this post and together let’s help Hooper get the retirement he deserves after serving his community so faithfully.

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