Hero of the Month

The hero of the month is Clive! Check out his blog post and his biography below!

Meet Our Retired Hero PSD Clive

We are BARKING with joy that we get to share with you the journey of our retired hero PSDClive! Clive was born in Innisfail, Alberta, and entered into the Puppy Imprinting program with Cst. Matt Young (Cool side note… Clive started his career with Matt and ended up retiring to have Matt and his wife Leah become his Pawfect Parents! Life comes full circle, just like a good tail chase!) Clive was posted to Williams Lake, BC where he followed his nose around Central and Northern BC with his sidekick Cpl.Gord Rutherford. Clive, being the tracking extraordinaire he is, was involved in the tracking and rescue of a

Clive, Regimental #904

Clive is a born tracker.  He came into the world at the Innisfail, Alberta RCMP kennel on September 8, 2010, and, early on, he showed great aptitude for police work.  His skills and drive were used to great advantage serving the people of central and northern BC from his home base of Williams Lake.  In 2014, Clive distinguished himself by finding a missing Alzheimer’s sufferer who wandered into the woods in the middle of winter.  After a long track, Clive’s human partner pulled the man from deep snow and carried him to safety.   Police work is hard on dogs, and

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