Hero of the Month

Grinder is one of our heroes that Ned’s Wish has been helping.   He was struggling with his mobility and wasn’t feeling great last summer, so his handler reached out to speak to our volunteer vet, Dr Welsman who recommended a few avenues to pursue.

Grinder had some blood work done that confirmed he was severely affected by hypothyroidism which might have been causing him to feel quite crummy but also might have been affecting his mobility. He got started on thyroid medications and a Help Em Up Harness was purchased for Grinder to help his family help his mobility. 

He got more energy back after starting his medication but his mobility wasn’t improving.   To rule out any other underlying neurological issues Grinder saw a neurologist who recommended an MRI.  Unfortunately the MRI showed that he had many compressed discs in his spinal column with damage that likely wasn’t repairable with surgery. 

Grinder was started on some further medication to help with the inflammation in his spine and to help with nerve pain.   His family is giving him lots of love and helping him with his mobility and he is relishing all the attention. 

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Grinder, Regimental #1023

PSD Grinder is known as a successful tracker and has located several people throughout his career with the RCMP! Grinder was born on March 5, 2014 in Innisfail, Alberta. He began his career in Kamloops, BC and was transferred to the Lower Mainland where he finished his career with the Integrated Dog Service. One of Grinder’s greatest achievements was tracking 3 lost hikers (mother and 2 children). It was during Autumn and the temperatures overnight were hovering around 0 degrees. The mother became disoriented as to her whereabouts with all the fallen leaves around her. Eventually, the children became tired,

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