Please Help PSD Charger, our Hero of the month



We are thrilled to announce that we have reached our fundraising goal to help retired PSD CHARGER walk again. We are extremely grateful to everyone for your donations, well wishes and support. You made this possible and you gave a second chance at dignified retired life to this beautiful dog,

Charger is doing well!

Charger has done so well since his surgery! He went home sooner than expected, he started physio sooner than expected and he wanted no part in his handler putting his harness on today because he was able to walk on his own sooner than expected. He is having twice weekly

Charger Updates, Thank you donors!

We are happy to share some compilation clips of Charger with you guys! He is doing great at home! He has an appt on Thursday to get some rehab assessment done and remove his surgical staples. Thank you for your generosity to ensure this Retired Hero received the life saving

Charger is at Home!

Charger is doing well at home! The big news from his handler today is that Charger pooped!  Seems like a funny thing to be excited about but dogs who have had back surgery can be pretty sore and lack the strength to hold themselves up.  So it’s nice to hear

Charger Recovering at ICU

Charger is recovering in the ICU at the Ontario Veterinary College after his back surgery yesterday.   He will remain in hospital for a few days to monitor him closely for any complications and looking for him to be able to use his back legs better.  He will also need

Retired PSD Charger NEEDS your help!!! This distinguished hero served as a Police Service Dog until the age of 10, heroically fighting crime alongside of his human teammates. Charger not only found missing and fleeing people and evidence, but also saved the lives of the offenders that otherwise would have frozen to death during severe winter conditions.

Unfortunately, Charger has just suffered a slipped disk in his back. Because of this debilitating condition, Charger is paralyzed fully in one back leg and partially in the other.

The good news is that Charger’s back can be fixed with a specialized back surgery at the Ontario Veterinary College! He had blood work and chest X-rays, to make sure he is healthy enough for anesthesia. He also had an MRI, which confirmed which disks need to be fixed. Charger is scheduled to have this life changing surgery on January 27. Because he has been healthy and fit until now, his veterinarian believes that the surgery has a 90%+ probability of being successful.

The surgery is estimated to cost $9000 and we at Ned’s Wish would like to raise this amount to give this distinguished hero a chance for a pain free retirement. If your generosity allows us to raise more than our goal of $9000, then all additional funds will be directed to helping another Ned’s Wish Hero, like Charger. Let’s help Charger walk again🐾!!!! Thank you!

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