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A Big Thank You from Kye and His Family

A Big Thank You from Kye and His Family

A Howling Thank you to everyone who contributed to Kye’s fundraiser. With your generous donations, well wishes and prayers for Kye, he not only received a

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Recently, while enjoying his retirement Kye was tragically hit by a car about a week ago and was immediately taken to an emergency clinic by his owners, where they stabilized him.  He sustained a massive injury to his back effectively crushing a lot of his skin and muscle which is requiring extensive surgery to repair.  The wound is so extensive it will require multiple surgeries along with daily bandage changes for the next few weeks.  This will likely culminate in needing skin grafts!   He is also on significant pain control while staying in the ICU and is being closely monitored for infection.  A HUGE THANK YOU goes out to Kye’s entire medical teams who have and continue to do everything possible for this Retired Hero!!!