Thank You from Brando and Family!!


Thank You from Brando and Family!!

THANK YOU everyone for helping PSD BRANDO – our HERO of the month! WE DID IT!!!!  Because of YOUR Generosity, we raised enough money to pay for Brando’s surgery in its entirety and we have some GREAT news to share with you. Brando is doing amazing and his surgery site is healing incredibly well. Brando’s veterinary doctor reported that his histology results did not reveal any cancerous cells in the ear canal itself, which means that the cancerous mass was likely removed in its entirety.  The GREAT news is that the tumour hasn’t infiltrated the ear canal and so Brando should not require any further treatment. Brando’s Handler wanted us pass on a

Brando Update

We just learned that Brando is having a bit of a setback with what appears to be an infection at the surgical site.  His postoperative sedation has worn off and according to his human partner, Brando is back to his normal self.  He has a great attitude, but he will need a few more tests and medication to address the infection.  He is now facing weeks of cone wearing to protect the wound, but surely Brando will be making innovative attempts to get it off at all costs.   We have raised enough to cover almost half of his surgical costs, please help us

Good News From Brando

Good news everyone!!!  Brando’s surgery went well and he is now recovering at home.  To save his life, Brando’s tumor was successfully taken out along with his ear canal.  While his inner ear structures were removed, his surgeon was able to preserve his outer ear, so he will be cancer free and will  continue to look distinguished in his golden years.  Although, Brando looks pretty bad-ass with his shaved head.    His human partner sent the following: “.. Belly rubs and naps by the fire are in store for the next few weeks.  Thank you again for the life saving support you have provided to

We are calling on Ned’s Wish family to HELP support a brave retired Hero PSD Brando.  How often do we celebrate someone’s retirement one day, just to learn that they come down with a serious illness during their first year of retirement.  This appears to be the case for the recently retired PSD Brando, who did not have any health issues thus far.  During his service with VPD, Brando faithfully served the people of Vancouver and the surrounding area as a patrol canine and explosive detection dog.

Brando was recently seen by a dermatologist for having some inner ear discomfort, and recommended a CT scan, which resulted in the discovery of an ear mass.  Further biopsy revealed that the mass was consistent with Carcinoma, a type of Cancer that could quickly spread to other organs.  Luckily, the veterinarians at the Canada West Specialty hospital caught it early enough, and saw no evidence of it spreading to the local lymph nodes or lungs.  

Removal of the entire ear canal including the tumor, will give Brando the best opportunity for survival and recovery.  The cost of this surgery is estimated to be $6000. 

Without this life saving surgery Brando’s tumor is expected to grow, become painful, spread to other organs and thereby shorten his life, leaving him in pain and rendering him incapable of enjoying a healthy and well deserved retirement.  Brando’s human describes him to be a healthy and vibrant boy and he hopes to have at least a few more years of picking up Brando’s poop.  

While the surgery comes with some risk of complications, the team at Canada West Veterinary Specialty hospital is positive this will be a good outcome for Brando.  Let’s HELP Brando live out the rest of his life without pain.  We urge you to help SAVE the life of this Ned’s Wish Hero in need and donate today!