Please Help PSD Trax!



A HUGE thank you (mixed with some sloppy kisses and big tail wags) to all the compassionate and generous souls who helped raise enough funds to pay for Retired PSD TRAX’s surgery.  AND you DID IT in just over 48 hours!!!  WOW!!!!
TRAX’s Human Dad was trying to get a picture of him to update us all.  Even with emergency surgery TRAX doesn’t chill very often (even on his post surgery medications!) Once a police dog, always a police dog!!! TRAX is still pretty swollen but he’s doing so well!!!

We are thankful to the community of St. Thomas that TRAX faithfully protected for years for donating.  We also thank all its citizens, who are now residing across Canada and still support this brave Hero through their donations. 
We are very grateful to the VCA Mississauga and Oakville Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Hospital for taking such excellent care of TRAX.  TRAX won them over with his charm.  Not only did TRAX receive the best of care, but also their First Responder Discount.  Thank you for pawing it forward VCA!!!!

Lastly, we thank Ned’s Wish faithful supporters, who, once again, pounced at the opportunity to help this retired Hero! 

If you would like to help another Hero in need please consider donating to Our Cause for Heroes with Paws!!!

April 13 was not a lucky day for our latest arrival to Ned’s Wish, retired PSD Trax, who BROKE his JAW and needs an EMERGENCY surgery.  
Trax is a 10-year-old German Shepherd, who retired from St. Thomas Police Service four years ago because he was diagnosed with damaged gracilis muscles, a condition that affects his ability to run due to severe muscular strain.  There is no cure.  Trax learned to live with this condition in his retirement. 

Trax was also diagnosed with a dental enamel deficiency, which meant that his teeth were much weaker than that of a normal dog.  The demands of his job meant that he needed multiple root canals for his K-9 teeth, which were capped with metal.  If you look closer in his pictures, you can see his “full metal” smile, which made him look more intimidating to the bad guys, but left him with fewer teeth and less able to do his job. 

During his career, Trax was recognized for saving a woman’s life, who had been lost for hours in the woods in the winter.  Trax also apprehended a violent offender who robbed a jewelry store.  On multiple occasions, Trax located large amounts of narcotics, which meant that he single handedly kept them from being sold on the streets. 
Unfortunately, his previous dental damage most likely predisposed Trax to fracturing his jaw during recent play on April 13.   He is scheduled to undergo emergency surgery with a veterinary dentist on April 14 and needs your help.  

We aim to raise $8000.00 through your generous donations.  Should we exceed this amount, the remaining funds will be used for helping other Ned’s Wish heroes in need.  

Please help Trax live the rest of his well-deserved retirement in comfort.