Please Help PSD Rocco

PSD Rocco is a nine-year-old retired police dog who needs your help today!

Rocco was rushed to the veterinary hospital because he suddenly had difficulty walking, sitting or lying down. Rocco was lethargic and visibly in a great deal of pain. While he is continuing to be in medical care, Rocco’s diagnosis is still unknown and he is undergoing more medical tests that may include an exploratory surgery and more diagnostic imaging. The total cost of his treatment is anticipated to reach approximately $8000. We are organizing an online emergency fundraiser for Rocco from July 23 until August 15. Any additional funds raised will ‘paw-it-forward’ to help other heroes in need.

During his 7 year career in Vancouver, PSD Rocco was involved in numerous high profile cases. Rocco demonstrated his attention to detail, skillful tracking, and unprecedented tenacity in all of his pursuits, from the very start of his career. Rocco masterfully tracked three suspects from an armed robbery of a jewelry store, one of whom he located just a few blocks away, hiding in a boat. During another noteworthy day, PSD Rocco apprehended two suspects that were involved in multiple vehicle thefts, robberies, and an attempted carjacking on the same day, in their attempt to escape from the police pursuit. PSD Rocco apprehended BOTH suspects after they collided head on with his handler’s vehicle. Just before his retirement, Rocco saved two victims from being seriously harmed or even killed by a knife weilding suspect. Rocco put his life in harm’s way to STOP the violent suspect. PSD Rocco was awarded a commendation for his bravery and heroism.

Rocco now needs your support, please be generous and help this brave police dog to live long enough to enjoy his well deserved retirement. Thank you in advance for your support.