The Dogs


Freda, Regimental 997

Freda worked the entirety of her career in Grande Prairie, Alberta but was able to travel throughout Canada when needed. One of the times she was able to travel was when she was part of the G7 Summit in Quebec City. It was truly exciting for her to be there! 

Erlo, Regimental #982

PSD Erlo, lovingly nicknamed Earl, or also known as, Buffalo Head, must have been an awesome soccer player in his past life.  When Erlo has no toys to play with, he finds and digs out a large round rock and uses his head and paws to push it around a

Ice, Regimental #2252

PSD Ice was born on June 8, 2011. He worked his entire career with the Delta Police Department with Constable Carriere. In January 2017, Ice assisted in searching for suspects that were believed to be in possession of firearms. During the search, valuable evidence was discovered. This included a loaded

Riot, Regimental #K903

While PSD Riot may not have the title “detective” in front of his name he did a lot of sleuthing in his work with the Durham Regional Police homicide unit as their first cadaver dog. Born in 2013, Riot went on to serve with the Durham Police until 2021.   All

Cain, Regimental #889

PSD Cain was born on May 7, 2010 in Innisfail, Alberta. He worked in Vernon, British Columbia throughout his career.  Cain mostly covered calls in the Vernon area while also working with the Emergency Response Team throughout Southeast British Columbia. He was successful in catching a large number of suspects

Ozzy, Regimental #939

Ozzy was born on September 7th, 2011. He had a very busy career that took him around the Maritimes and into the Prairies! Ozzy and his Handler Sgt. Chornomydz were posted in New Brunswick, Manitoba, and Nova Scotia, each posting made safer by Ozzy’s watchful eye and naturally protective nature!

Grinder, Regimental #1023

PSD Grinder is known as a successful tracker and has located several people throughout his career with the RCMP! Grinder was born on March 5, 2014 in Innisfail, Alberta. He began his career in Kamloops, BC and was transferred to the Lower Mainland where he finished his career with the

Jack, Regimental #7742

Retired PSD Jack or otherwise know as, Knucklehead or Ed the Hyena, joins Ned’s Wish after having served with his handler in Regina, Saskatchewan. While serving with the Regina Police Service, Jack helped their Tactical Response Team with multiple arrests. During his career, Jack was also known to be a

Jake, Regimental #1935 

Calgary Police Service canine Jake is a Belgian Malinois from Slovakia who moved to Canada with a passport full of stamps!  Fun fact: Jake was originally named Jack, and his successor is also named Jack.  Jake’s years with CPS were distinguished and he went through 3 human handlers before deciding to

Uno, Regimental #276

Retired PSD Uno was numero uno in retrieving stray golf balls. Uno used to live on a golf course and his nightly walks would result in him diving into the bushes and coming back with several golf balls in his mouth.  Uno’s ‘hoomans’ had to start carrying grocery bags on

Echo, Regimental #948

PSD Echo was born in Innisfail, Alberta at the RCMP Kennels on February 15, 2012. He worked with the RCMP for the entirety of his career at the Edmonton Hub. He also remained with the same handler throughout his career! Throughout his career, Echo wore many hats and demonstrated many

Fraser, Regimental #1006

Fraser was born in Innisfail, Alberta. Due to the severe weather conditions facing Alberta at the time, Fraser and his Handler Cst. Wagner did the majority of their training in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. This area perfectly acclimated Fraser, as he was posted to the Lower Mainland Integrated

Genie, Regimental #1021

Genie has just recently retired from her career with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Once a PSD – always a PSD, Genie still chases her former work truck down the street as it leaves for work in the morning. Genie was born on March 6, 2014 in Innisfail, Alberta. She

Hooper, Regimental #1045

PSD Hooper is a no nonsense type of guy!  Hooper has two top K9 teeth capped, and an image of being a tough guy.  If he were a human, he would drink his coffee black and have his haircut done the same way from the same barber he’d have used

Hawk, Regimental #HAWK

We at Ned’s Wish have always thought that dogs are “people” and PSD Hawk has made it official! He is the first EVER dog to be recognized as a “Support Person” by the Alberta Court of Queen’s (now King’s) Bench. Hawk was the first dog in Canada to provide “in

Juice, Regimental 1065

At the beginning of Juice’s career he started off in Nanaimo. He was often chasing thesame individuals as his predecessor Boomer before him. After a period of time, Juice decidedthat he was tired of the beautiful picturesque beaches and warm temperatures of southern BCand decided to venture to the warm

Hoover, Regimental #1046

PSD Hoover, or better known to his handler as the “Mitten Thief”, joins Ned’s Wish after having a successful career with the RCMP in Grand Prairie, Alberta During his career, Hoover was known for his high work drive and his dedication to serving his community. He was also known to be

Eda, Regimental #942

There are only a few dogs with boats named for them and Eda is one of those dogs. PSD Eda was posted in the Okanagan at the very start of her career and then spent most of her career in the Lower Mainland, British Columbia. Eda was involved in many police

Garner, Regimental #1028

PSD Garner is truly a Hero With Paws™.  Not only is he responsible for keeping the  streets safe, but his handler also credited him with saving his life on many different occasions.  Fresh into retirement, Garner comes to Ned’s Wish from the Lower Mainland District in British Columbia.   During his time

Egan, Regimental #969

PSD Egan was born on September 12, 2012 at the RCMP Kennels in Innisfail, Alberta. He has retired from the RCMP in which he spent the entirety of his career. He worked in three different locations throughout his working years. He began his career in Nanaimo, British Columbia, moved on

Dero, Regimental #922

Dero is a purebred German Shepherd who worked for the RCMP. He was born on January 25, 2011 at the Police Dog Service Training Centre in Innisfail, Alta. Dero spent his entire career in Prince George, BC with his handler Devin Esquirol. He captured countless criminals and located many missing

Griffin, Regimental #1026

Have you ever wanted to solve the mystery of missing socks? This is where PSD Griffin comes in! When PSD Griffin isn’t out fighting crime, his delicacies include socks, gloves, and covid masks to name a few. PSD Griffin, Reg #1026 was born in Innisfail, AB in January 2014 and

Ivy/Evette, Regimental #945

Retired PSD Ivy comes from the Nation’s Capital, Ottawa, where she served as an Explosive Detection Dog posted with the Joint Explosives Unit.  Ivy is not a stranger to Ottawa’s high ranking politicians as she was responsible for explosive sweeps of Parliament and other government offices for the Prime Minister

Kora, Regimental #17-030BP

Kora was born on June 13, 2017 in Innisfail, Alberta at the RCMP Police Dog Service Training Centre. As a puppy, she developed personality traits that were not suitable for police work but she was an excellent candidate for the breeding program.  The first-time Kora bred puppies, she had a

Fantom, Regimental #993

While Fantom may have never been scared chasing down a bad guy or participating in police K9 training activities, lawnmowers are his kryptonite.  Like his fellow K9 partners, Fantom comes to us from Innisfail, Alberta.  Fantom served with the RCMP in Wetaskawin, Alberta. At work, Fantom was a jack of

Alpha, Regimental #426

Alpha by name, alpha by attitude! This canine crusader showed his Victoria Police human partners what he could do on his very first call for service. When other means did not allow police to subdue a belligerent intoxicated man causing extensive damage in downtown Victoria, Alpha moved in. Even though

Hans, Regimental #6926

We are all drawn to heroes with stories of overcoming epic struggles and emerging victorious despite all odds. Our newest hero, retired PSD Hans, has one of those incredible stories that would inspire anyone to keep going, even when the road ahead looks grim. Hans was born on March 15,

Ralph, Regimental #967

PSD Ralph was born on August 31, 2012 in Innisfail, Alberta. He served with the RCMP for the entirety of his career. He started his career in Alberta before moving to the Lower Mainland, BC. From there he was transferred to Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan where he retired! Over the course

Denim, Regimental #946

Denim is a born adventurer with many talents and interests. Denim LOVES helicopters and float planes.  As a PSD Denim has had a lot of experiences: he is well versed in avalanche rescue techniques, he helped catching major international drug smugglers bring drugs into Canada, he even worked on murder

Fyre, Regimental #13-077

PSD Fyre is a German Shepherd who was born on November 14, 2013 in Innisfail, Alberta. She served as a breeding female for the RCMP and spent the entirety of her career in Red Deer, Alberta. Between the span of September 2016 to February 2020, Fyre had 25 puppies! 8


Retired Police Service Dog Major bears a fitting name, because he was a major success in Toronto.  Major was the PSD who located the remains of Bruce McArthur’s eight victims.  Major was trained in the unique set of detecting skills that allowed him to find a massive amount of evidence

Flex, Regimental #984

PSD Flex was born on April 29, 2013 in Innisfail, Alberta. He worked the entirety of his career in the Lower Mainland with the RCMP. Throughout his career, Flex worked at a number of important events such as G7 and the North Americans Leaders Summit. This was due to the

Case, Regimental # 892

Case was born on Jan. 23, 2010 at the Police Dog Services Training Centre in Innisfail, Alta. After training, he was posted to Fort McMurray and paired with Cpl. Don Graves. Case was a tracking extraordinaire and no amount of snow or wilderness was ever able to deter him. He

Sparky, Regimental #K9-6

(French follows English) While it may not be halloween yet, PSD Sparky has a spooky story that we would love to share with you. Born in St-Casimir in 2015 PSD Sparky joins Ned’s Wish after a successful career with the Quebec City Police. While serving with the Quebec City Police

Ennox, Regimental #966

Retired PSD Ennox is a boisterous presence in his neighborhood.  Ennox loves visiting and getting all the attention when he is out on a “neighborhood watch”.  Once he returns home, Ennox enjoys cuddling on the couch or bed, a well-deserved pastime for a retired 10 year old PSD. Ennox was

Dag, Regimental #2015

Ned’s Wish is excited to welcome another Calgary Police Services K-9 Officer Dag.  Born in Kosice, Slovakia, Dag is a true globetrotter, traveling through California before arriving in Alberta in 2018.  Dag is fully multilingual and can speak: Dog, Slovakian, English and French! After graduating from his police training, PSD

Eddi, Regimental #957

Retired Police Service Dog (PSD) Eddi loves playing fetch – so much so he will bring a prospective play partner just about anything in the hopes it will be thrown for him.  When he’s excited, Eddi is known to spin like a top.  He’s obviously not prone to dizziness!   Eddi’s RCMP career was

Wodan, Regimental #MWD512

Wodan is a nine year old Belgian Malinois who bravely served in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) since 2015. He was born in Holland and had a full career in the CAF that included operational and training deployments abroad as a dual purpose K9. He retired in the fall of

Hemmi, Regimental #650

PSD Hemmi had a knack for smelling out guns and explosives during his tenure as a PSD, but he successfully transitioned this skill into smelling out treats in retirement.  Born in 2008, Hemmi is one of the oldest dogs registered with Ned’s Wish.  Don’t let his age fool you: he

Kito, Regimental #MWD502

If you’re a morning person, you’re gonna love our newest hero, Kito! He joins the Ned’s Wish family after a long and successful career serving his country with the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). Kito is a nine-year-old Belgian Malinois/German Shepherd Mix who came to Canada from Europe and started his

Brock, Regimental #3351

Say Howdy to PSD Brock! This southern gentleman was born down in September 2009 in Kentucky and worked as a general patrol service dog in the Region of Durham before his retirement. Working in an area with a total population of 800,000 people has its challenges but this didn’t stop

Gunner, Regimental #1012

Retired PSD Gunner became famous after tracking not one, but two suspects involved in a home invasion in Nova Scotia.  But Gunner’s true love was to work on the water.  He must have been a dolphin in his past life, because he was exceptional at working on marine profile cases. 

Cole, Regimental #844

PSD Cole is a Labrador Retreiver who was born in Newfoundland and Labrador. He is retired from the RCMP and worked with Cst. Todd Shule for the entirety of his career. Fun fact: Cole was a rescue dog who was offered a job by the RCMP! He was very excited

Tru, Regimental #MWD501

As our first military dog, Tru is a true pioneer! Tru recently retired from the Canadian Armed Forces after six loyal years of service that included multiple deployments in very difficult environmental conditions that ranged from extreme desert heat to cold Canadian winters. He is a Belgian Malinois that was

Flame, Regimental #13-067

Flame is a retired breeding female who was always known to be fit, well groomed, and healthy. This was due to her wonderful broodkeeper who she lived with on an acreage in the country near the RCMP training centre!  Flame was born at the RCMP Police Dog Service Training Centre

Denver, Regimental #944

PSD Denver was born on September 30, 2011 in Innisfail, AB. He served with the RCMP during his career and worked out of High Level, AB and Regina, SK. He provided his services throughout both provinces to a large number of detachments. Throughout Denver’s career, he was known to never

Eryx (Erik), Regimental #970

Please welcome our newest addition to Ned’s Wish family: PSD Eryx by birth, or Erik – just because.  Eat your heart out Bono or Sting, our hero Eryx has two names! Erik served his entire career with the RCMP and was first posted to Saskatchewan and then was transferred to

Ryder, Regimental #12102

This handsome boy, PSD Ryder, Reg # 12102 was born in Surrey, British Columbia in December 2012 and worked for the Vancouver Police Department. PSD Ryder had the pleasure of learning from the very best human partner who also happened to be a K9 trainer for the section. From 2014

Jager, Regimental #1013

Retired PSD Jager might be the perfect example of the type of drive Police K-9s have in the RCMP. Born in Innisfail, Alberta, Jager joins Ned’s Wish after his successful career with the force in Nanaimo, British Columbia, as well as working with the Vancouver Island Emergency Response Unit. As

Haley, Regimental #14-073

She demonstrated all of the qualities that make a perfect Police Service Dog, so she stayed behind in Innisfail to become a breeding dog! In her working years, Haley produced four litters of puppies to be considered as Potential Police Service Dogs. She passed on all of her amazing traits

Hasko, Regimental #1049

As far as we know there are only 2 heroes named HASKO: one is a fictional character who fought during the 80 Years War (1568–1648), and the other – is RCMP Police Service Dog bearing regimental #1049, who’s exploits were very much performed in real life. Hasko the canine was

Taz, Regimental 1002

Taz is known for his large number of successful apprehensions throughout his career. One of his most notable accomplishments involved a high-risk track of two armed suspects that had committed a string of armed robberies throughout Northern Alberta, shot a store clerk, and fled into BC. The crime duo carjacked

Gigi, Regimental #1017

Gigi should have been named Sassy as she chases a laser pointer like a cat and then sprawls out on the floor in front of the fireplace for some belly rubs.  During her career with the RCMP, PSD Gigi used her superb sense of smell to locate almost a kilogram

Hoss, Regimental #1043

Retired PSD Hoss has celebrated many highlights in his career with the RCMP, but his handler’s favourite was his first call for service in 2017, when he and Hoss were eager to get to work. After walking 400 m through bush and pasture to set up on the backside of

Daxa, Regimental #17

Police Service Dog Daxa had a very distinguished 5 year career and apprehended over 200 suspects. She won numerous awards, including RCMP Commanding Officers’ Certificate of Appreciation, the Best Police Officer award in Prince Albert, and she also took first place in the Canadian Police Canine Association K9 trials (think police dog Olympics gold

Brutus, Regimental #1114

Brutus is used to being in the line of fire.  During his career in Fredericton he was shot at twice, and both times he played an integral part in solving the shootings. Brutus was born in Innisfail, Alberta at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police kennels and worked his entire career

Gord, Regimental #1033

Gord worked the entirety of his career with the RCMP! He was a trained speciality explosives dog. After his training was complete he was posted to work in Ottawa, Ontario. Did you know that this program has a mandatory 6 month follow up component as well as a mandatory 2

Dayna, Regimental #920

Police Service Dog (PSD) Dayna worked for the RCMP in Kamloops, British Columbia and Moncton, New Brunswick. Her regimental number is 920!  Dayna was born on August 11, 2011 in Innisfail, Alberta. This is where the Police Dog Service Training Centre is located and where she learned all of her

Fury, Regimental #983

While the name Fury might make you nervous about this retired Police Service Dog, don’t let that fool you: he is really a sweetheart (unless you’re a criminal). Born in Innisfail Alberta in 2013, Fury went on to serve with the RCMP in the Lower Mainland in British Columbia, spending

Brando, Regimental #13108

Welcome to retired PSD Brando, Ned’s Wish newest recruit from the Vancouver Police Department!  Brando is not new at being a celebrity.   In 2018, Brando gained internet fame from a calendar photo shoot where he was wearing sunglasses and sitting in the driver’s seat of a police car.   

Henri, Regimental #955

Henri was born on May 21st, 2011 in Washington, USA. He was brought to Canada and became a police dog with the RCMP, where he was posted to the Alberta Roving Traffic Unit! Henri and his partner Cst. Frederick primarily worked the Highway 16 corridor outside of Edmonton, Alberta. Over

Scout, Regimental #47

Scout was born in Hungary in December of 2011. His exact birthday isn’t quite known, but Scout himself is certainly unforgettable! He served for the Hamilton Police Service for six years before retiring and made quite a name for himself throughout his career! In March of 2018, Scout located a

June, Regimental #16-036BP

By now, it’s clear that every one of our dogs is special, but what makes PSD June even more unique is her superior genes!   June was one of the RCMP’s breeding females and as such she produced 7 working dogs, 1 breeding female and 4 puppies that are undergoing

Herc, Regimental #1027

While police K-9s have a persona of being strong and tough, deep down they have a soft squishy side that the public rarely sees. Take PSD Herc, who during the day was chasing down bad guys, but when he returned home, he faced his toughest job of the day: choosing which

Cezar, Regimental #8510

If you were to ever find yourself lost in the middle of nowhere, you would hope PSD Cezar was assigned to find you, because he is an expert tracker. Cezar joins the Ned’s Wish family after a successful career with both the Edmonton Police Service (EPS) for the first four

Grimm, Regimental #1020

What is the best way to describe PSD Grimm Regimental #1020?  Grimm by only by name, GOOFY by nature!  Aftering providing distinguished service to the Lower Mainland and Williams Lake, BC, Grimm recently retired and is now enjoying a life of well deserved leisure.  Born on July 22, 2014 at the RCMP’s

Fly ,Regimental # 1515

PSD FLY has just retired from Calgary Police Service on May16th, 2023 and was described not only as beautiful but “one of the best Police Dogs we have ever had”.  During his retirement ceremony, Fly received the “Retired PSD” badge rocker. Fly was born in Innisfail on September 24, 2013

Charger, Regimental #7

When PSD Charger was called to a case you knew, no matter the circumstances, you were going to get a favourable result. Born in Germany in 2010, PSD Charger would go on to serve with the Guelph Police Force, as well as assisting the OPP, Waterloo Regional Police, and Brandford

Rocco, Regimental #12101

Rocco is a German Shepherd who was born in Germany! His birthday is May 30, 2012 which means he just turned 9- years old. He served the entirety of his 7 -year career with the Vancouver Police Department and is now fully retired.  Throughout his career, Rocco was involved in

Dale, Regimental #929

PSD Dale was born in Innisfail, Alberta on December 4, 2011. He spent his career with the RCMP and was able to work with 3 different handlers. His first posting was at the Montreal airport. He was then reteamed to drug detection in Golden and Kamloops. There is no perfect

Jake, Regimental #805

PSD Jake worked his entire career with the RCMP in Halifax as part of the Criminal Interdiction Team. He spent a lot of time locating drugs on different criminals using all kinds of transportation. One of his most incredible memories while on the job was when he assisted in removing

Trax, Regimental #1

Retired PSD Trax has police badge #1, because he was the first PSD for St. Thomas Police Service.  During his career as a PSD, Trax had many firsts: he saved the life of a woman who was missing for 10 hours on a cold winter day, he apprehended a violent

Ecko, Regimental #964

Retired Police Service Dog Ecko is affectionately nicknamed “Swamp Rat” because of his talent for finding the muddiest body of water and lying in it. In his retirement Echo picked up a few new hobbies: hiking, swimming and adventuring. To show his appreciation to his “hoomans”, Echo rewards them with

Blue, Regimental #3251

While some police dogs may excel when it comes to their bite power, some police K-9s, like retired PSD Blue, really excel when it comes to their ability to use their nose. Blue comes to us from the Toronto Police Service where he worked as General Purpose K-9, but was

Kody, Regimental #1098

Police Service Dog (PSD) Kody is known for his work in the Peace-Liard and Kamloops Region in British Columbia (BC). While he was posted in Dawson Creek BC, he successfully tracked and apprehended a suspect who was wanted from a home invasion in which the homeowner was stabbed. One week

Paco, Regiment #1713

Retired PSD Paco, Reg #1713, worked for the Calgary Police Service for 3 years, diligently keeping the citizens of Calgary safe through that time. Unfortunately, his teeth began to break and he lost all of his Canine teeth. He and his handler were also in a car accident and Paco

Kera, Regimental #17.016BP

All of Ned’s Wish heroes have special powers, and retired PSD Kera is no different – she is a SUPER MOM! Kera had her first litter in 2019 and was paramount to the RCMP as she had produced several police working dogs through the breeding program before her retirement. Kera

Dali, Regimental # RNC#15

Retired PSD Dali has an adorable smile and a silly personality to match.  Like most of her K-9 colleagues, Dali LOVES balls.  With free access to as many balls as she likes, she has been known to walk laps around her yard, proudly displaying three balls popping out of all

Endzo, Regimental #4002

PSD Endzo has had quite the career working for a number of different policing agencies! This includes: Edmonton Police Service, Woodstock Police Force, RCMP, Fredericton Police Force, and many other agencies! Fun fact: He was the only police dog for the Fredericton Police Force. Having a knack for finding people,

Jakk, Regimental #978

PSD Jakk is currently living his best life in retirement. Jakk has traded in his work uniform in exchange for some new toys, some long walks and a wet coat of fur from all the swimming he’s doing. Jakk wasn’t just fast when it came to pursuing suspects, he’s also

Gando, Regimental #K9122

Greetings Gando and welcome to the pack!After a shorter than expected career with the Edmonton Police Service, this comedian loves nothing more than bike rides/runs and lounging in the pool. PSD Gando was born in February 2018 in the Czech Republic and faithfully served the people of Edmonton from 2019

Eve, Regimental #943

Retired PSD Eve loves chasing hockey pucks!  Eve would have been a professional hockey player if it weren’t for her career with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).  Eve worked out of Red Deer and responded to calls in central Alberta. One of Eve’s biggest accomplishments during her career was

Dezi, Regimental #930

PSD Dezi was born on November 26, 2011 in Innisfail, Alberta. She worked in the Lower Mainland District Integrated Police Dog Service.  Dezi primarily worked in the cities of Delta, Surrey, and Langley in the province of British Columbia. However, when called upon, she eagerly served in other cities all

Hawkes, Regimental #1040

Retired PSD Hawkes won’t sleep on a good Kong but he might doze off while chewing his and when he drops it, will wake up to start over again! Hawkes was born September 15, 2015 in Innisfail, AB and spent his dedicated career with the RCMP serving the Peace Laird

Boss, Regimental #K9-13

While PSD Boss isn’t the boss of the house, he sure is the boss of the kitchen. Boss does not like missing his meals. He stomps around and flops himself on the floor huffing and groaning until it’s meal time, so you get dinner and a show but in reverse

Enzo, Regimental #958

Police Service Dog (PSD) Enzo was born March 15, 2012 in Innisfail, Alberta. He worked the entirety of his career with the RCMP and is now retired. His regimental number is 958! While working as a PSD, Enzo had the opportunity to work in Vancouver Island, British Columbia and Steinbach,

Izzy, Regimental #985

PSD Izzy was born in Innisfail, Alberta on March 31, 2013. She spent the majority of her career working in British Columbia with the Lower Mainland District Integrated Police Dog Service. Izzy has located several missing people throughout her career. One instance was finding a suicidal male who attempted to

Arry, Regimental #620

With all due respect to Star Trek’s Commander Riker, Chatham-Kent Police Service Dog Arry is more deserving of the title “Number One.”  Arry wasn’t just a contender at police dog competitions, he owned them! Between 2015 and 2018, Arry won 15 first-place finishes in such disciplines as criminal apprehension, obedience, searching, tracking

Keata, Regimental #C3000

Keata enjoys retired life with her family.  She loves people and animals alike.  She also loves the snow, and can’t wait to go outside and plow through it like a freight train!  Keata found a second career in retirement as a cat surveillant:  she often peeks through the cat door

Gunther, Regimental #1022

Retired PSD Gunther is like a mother-hen with the nose of a truffle pig; he spends his free time hoarding toys and sniffing out treats. Gunther joins Ned’s Wish after spending half of his career with the Port Moody Police Department in British Columbia.  The other half was spent working

Fallen Heroes

Faro, Regimental #316

At Ned’s Wish we believe in telling the stories of dogs who we’ve never met but who’s life and service deserve celebrating. We are therefore honoured to share the story of Police Service Dog Faro, who joins the distinguished ranks of Ned’s Wish Fallen Heroes. Faro was born and raised

Dante, Regimental #933

Dante was much more than a Police Service Dog, he was a partner, he was a protector, he was a best friend, a confidant, an explorer and the family entertainer.  His human family loves him so much that they even named their second-born son after him, NO not really. What

Sabre, Regimental #96

PSD Sabre was born in Germany on June 8, 2008. Sabre was partnered with his handler in October of 2009 and comprised the newly re-formed Port Moody Police K-9 Section. Shortly after, the two became a certified K-9 team after completing training in January 2010. This was under then recently

Jago, Regimental #1056

PSD Jago was born at the RCMP Police Dog Service Training Center on July 17th, 2016 and was raised by Cst. Stefan Moxness in Surrey, B.C. PSD Jago graduated training in March, 2018 with Cst. Jamie Dopson of the Lower Mainland Integrated Police Dog Services and served there until August

Titan, Regimental # 795

Titan is a purebred German Shepherd who was born on March 7, 2007 at the RCMP Police Dog Service Training Centre in Innisfail, Alberta. Titan worked in the Red Deer area and Calgary area with his handler, Cpl. Francois Decelles. While working with Cpl. Decelles, Titan tracked and located many

Buddy, Regimental #866

PSD Buddy was born in July 2009 at the RCMP Breeding Program in Innisfail, AB. He worked his entire career in Quebec, mostly working within RCMP operations and protecting Canadian borders. His duties included supporting ERT operations, tracking border jumpers and smugglers, and searching for drugs, contraband, and large sums

Elvis, Regimental #963

PSD Elvis, Regimental # 963, joins Ned’s Wish family posthumously.  Elvis was not only a brave hero, but also a hilarious entertainer.  Every day, Elvis would chase the crows, causing havoc and laughter.  Elvis absolutely loved camping and tearing through the local hiking trails . When it came to work,

Dux, Regimental #0941

PSD Dux was born in Innisfail, Alberta on September 30th, 2011. He and his Handler, Cst. Hubley, had an amazing career that took them from Prince George, BC, to the Halifax Integrated Police Dog Service, and even to the Halifax International Airport! Dux specialized in tracking and bomb detection. His

Dopey, Regimental #792

Police service dog Dopey was born in Washington on November 26, 2006. He is a purebred Golden Retriever with a very talented nose! He earned himself a position with the RCMP as a Jetway Interdiction Dog and was posted to the Calgary Drug Section Jetway Unit. PSD Dopey was primarily

Behr, Regimental #895

Behr was born at the Police Dog Service Training Centre in Innisfail, Alta. on Aug. 22, 2009. Shortly after, he was sent to Prince George, B.C. to be raised by an RCMP imprinter. Once Behr became of age, he was sent to Nova Scotia to prepare for the Basic Police

Tech, Regimental #960

PSD Tech was born on August 31, 2012 at the Police Dog Service Training Centre. He was first posted to CBRNE/VIP Special Support and ERT in Ottawa. After this he went to serve in Fredericton, NB. Tech has had many achievements over the entirety of his career. He has located

Tyak, Regimental #826

Tyak is an eleven-year-old German Shepard who was born in Innisfail, Alberta at the RCMP Police Dog Service Training Centre. He was posted in Lower Mainland District, BC, where he worked for his entire career. Tyak and his handler were paired with the Emergency Response Team and attended many high-risk

Koda, Regimental #905

Police Service Dog (PSD) Koda, Regimental Number 905, was born on August 5, 2010 in Innisfail, Alberta. He is a product of the RCMP Breeding Program. Koda has served with the Integrated Police Dog Service and spent his entire working career in the Lower Mainland in British Columbia. He actively

Zoli, Regimental # 846

Zoli was born in Innisfail, Alta. on March 28, 2008. Zoli spent his career working for the RCMP in Strathcona County, Alta. He worked for seven years with his handler, Attila Toldy, until he was forced to retire after dislocating his jaw during training. Luckily for Zoli he now lives

Baylee, Regimental #880

Baylee was born on November 11, 2009 at the Police Dog Services Training Centre located in Innisfail, Alta. She was posted to the Integrated Halifax Regional Police K-9/RCMP Police Dog Services Dog Section in Halifax, N.S. She covered all of the Halifax Regional Municipality from downtown Halifax to Sheet Harbour.

Azur, Regimental #858

Azur was born October 16, 2008, at the RCMP Police Dog Service Training Centre, Innisfail, Alberta.  His parents were products of the RCMP breeding program.  His dad “Mirko” was a proven working dog in Nova Scotia. Potential Police Service Dog Azur was assigned to RCMP Imprinter Cst. Nic Motycka and

Chrisa, Regimental #921

Chrisa was born on August 30th, 2010 in Innisfail, Alberta. She spent her entire career in the Lower Mainland with her Handler, Cst. Dopson. At the time, Chrisa was one of only three working female Police Service Dogs in the RCMP. A role that Chrisa took very seriously, she represented

Bullet, Regimental #850

PSD Bullet was born on March 30, 2009 in Innisfail Alberta. He worked his entire 8 year career with the New Brunswick Department of Public Safety. Over that time he and his handler answered to 785 calls for service. The majority of hem were fish and wildlife offences. Did you

Argo, Regiment #959

PSD Argo was born on June 16, 2012 at the RCMP Police Dog Service Training Center. He spent the entirety of his career serving the Lower Mainland Integrated Police Dog Services. He was able to work all throughout the cities that surround the greater Vancouver area. Argo has demonstrated that

Aztec, Regimental #823

PSD Aztec was born on February 11, 2008 in Innisfail, Alberta. He worked with the RCMP for the entirety of his career in the Lower Mainland in British Columbia and St.Paul, Alberta, up until his retirement in 2016. Aztec had a reputation for being a “serious” dog during his time

Ned, Regimental #687

Like most RCMP police dogs, Ned was born at the Police Service Dog Training Centre (PDSTC) in Innisfail, Alberta, on May 21, 2003. He was assigned to Cst. Garfield Henderson of the RCMP Valleyview Detachment in Alberta in June 2005 to be raised in the PDSTC imprinting program – supervised

Cento, Regimental #897

PSD Cento was born on September 8, 2010 at the RCMP Police Dog Service Training Centre. He worked with the RCMP for his entire career. He was at B Division from 2012-2013 and H Division from 2013-2017. Cento was a great tracker and was very successful in his ability to

Timber, Regimental #816

Timber was born on May 23, 2007 in Innisfail, Alberta. He worked the entirety of his career in the Lower Mainland in BC. He regularly demonstrated a relentless energy and drive to track down and apprehend suspects. It truly was his talent. When he was amongst his family and loved

Ace, Regimental #871

Ace was born on Aug. 29, 2008 at the Innisfail Kennels in Alberta. He spent his career working for the RCMP with S/Sgt. Ron Field. He was involved in lots of tracking and detection work before he moved over to the provincial side of the RCMP where he assisted with

Fitz, Regimental #988

PSD Fitz was born on October 22, 2013 in Innisfail, Alberta. His entire service was in Kelowna, BC working for the RCMP. Fitz has been described as having a tenacious will and energy to work that was second to none. In the few short days before he suddenly passed, Fitz

Arctic, Regimental #822

Arctic was born on Friday, March 21, 2008, at the Police Dog Services Training Centre located in Innisfail, Alberta.  His career handler was Insp. Leon Fiedler. As a pup, Arctic was raised by Cst. Dale Ristau who was working in the Yukon Territory.  Cst. Ristau did an excellent job of socializing

Gator, Regimental #1016

PSD Gator was born at the RCMP Police Dog Service Training Centre on May 1st, 2014 and was raised by Cpl. Nick Bless in the Kitchner, Ontario area. PSD Gator was teamed up with Cst. Kurt England and moved to Campbell River, BC in July 2015. The team graduated police

Sherman, Regimental #772

PSD Sherman spent his career in the Saskatoon Police Dog Services Unit. His working career was nothing short of exciting! A great working memory for Sherman was when he and his Handler were called out to assist with apprehending a suspect that was very well known to police and had

Hogan, Regimental #791

Hogan was born in Washington in 2006. He was brought to RCMP Kennels when he was 18 months old to start his narcotic detection training. He graduated in June 2008 and was teamed with Cst. Paul Paquin. Hogan worked the highways as part of the “K” Division Roving Traffic Unit

Darby (Dark), Regimental #947

Darby, or Dark as she is more commonly known, was born on October 9, 2011. She retired from the RCMP in July 2019 from her posting in Bathhurst, NB. Dark has no shortage of energy and loves to keep busy. Her affectionate and loving attitude makes her a great addition

Axel, Regimental #8774

Retired PSD Axel joins Ned’s Wish from the Ontario Provincial Police, where he served as a Drug Detection dog in the North Bay area. Axel retired in 2018.  Axel’s nose deserves some praise because during his accomplished career, Axel detected and then assisted in numerous drug seizures in schools.  Axel

Red, Regimental #924

When you scroll through the Heroes page of Ned’s Wish website, you will notice a common trend, lots and lots of German Shepherds. While they may be the popular breed when it comes to Law Enforcement agencies, we here at Ned’s Wish would like to introduce you to PSD Red.

Viper, Regimental #K9-16

Ned’s Wish would like to honour the life of the late PSD Viper, who was registered with us after his sudden and unexpected death on July 15, 2022.  Viper was an 8 year old Malinois born in Belgium.  Viper was raised and trained as a pup by Cst. Miklautschk, after

Farouk, Regimental #1007

PSD Farouk was born on September 23, 2013 at the RCMP Police Dog Service Training Centre. Throughout his career he worked in E Division and H division. He retired on October 20, 2020.     Farouk had many achievements throughout his career. In April 2020, Farouk and his handler were called

Dave, Regimental #927

While all the heroes at Ned’s Wish have very unique personalities and interesting stories that come with them, PSD Dave’s story is extra special. Just like his K9 partners in the force, Dave excelled in all sorts of situations, whether it was using his nose to search out suspects, or

Angus, Regimental #841

Angus is a pure bred German Shepherd and was born on March 21, 2007 in Innisfail, Alta. Angus worked in Innisfail in 2009 followed by the Winter Olympics in 2009-2010; Fort McMurray, Alta. from 2010-2013; and finally Nanaimo, BC from 2013-2016. His partner was Jeremy Trottier. Angus has amazing tracking

Bandit, Regimental #347

PSD Bandit had an exciting career! He searched most if not all of the 747 Planes at the Toronto Airport searching for explosives! That wasn’t his only specialty, he was also used to search for drugs, contraband, and was even used for crowd control! Bandit retired to a new family

Timber, Regimental #799

Timber was born on January 7, 2012 at the RCMP Police Dog Services Training Centre in Innisfail, Alberta. Following his training, he worked with his handler, Sgt. Kris Chornomydz in Grande Prairie, Alberta and Portage La Prairie, Manitoba before retiring from the RCMP in June 2014. In his retirement, Timber

Edge, Regimental #Do11

PSD Edge was born on April 1, 2012 at the Police Dog Service Training Centre in Innisfail, Alberta.     Over the years, Edge located a large number of vulnerable people. He saved many lives and was able to locate even more suspects of crime! One of his accomplishments included tracking

Deny, Regimental #934

PSD Deny was born in Innisfail, Alberta at the Police Dog Training Center on September 30, 2011. He has worked in a number of different locations throughout his career with the RCMP. In 2013, he was posted to Red Deer, Alberta and then to Thompson, Manitoba in 2019. He retired

Gus, Regimental #843

Gus was born on October 4, 2008 in Whitecourt, Alta. His career with the RCMP’s Roving Traffic Unit had Gus working all over Alberta getting millions of dollars worth of illegal drugs off the streets. Throughout his career he was responsible for the seizure of 11 kg of cocaine, 1

Hunter, Regimental #403

Ned’s Wish is honoured to welcome and pay tribute to PSD Hunter, who has been watching over us since his passing in 2004.  Like many of his canine colleagues, Hunter was trained in Innisfail in 1992,  but unlike many, he was working the streets at the tender age of 14

Kaiser, Regimental # 793

Kaiser is a lab cross who was a rescue from the state of Washington. He worked for the RCMP from April 2008 to October 2018 with Cpl. Kyle Maetche detecting narcotics all over the province of Alberta. Kaiser was responsible for the detection of millions of dollars worth of illegal

Chet, Regimental #52458

PSD Chet was born in Innisfail, Alberta at the RCMP Kennels on August 5, 2010. He was sent to Moncton to be paired with his imprinter who soon became his best friend. He has worked in a number of locations including Wetaskiwin/Maskawcis and Fort McMurray. Chet has officially retired in

Keg, Regimental #868

Keg was born in Prince Albert, Sask. in 2008. At the age of two, he was brought to the RCMP kennels for narcotic detection training. He graduated from training and teamed up with Cst. Pat Frenette as part of the “K” Division Roving Traffic Unit. A few years later, Keg

Chevy, Regimental # 887

Chevy is a Police Service Dog who was born into the RCMP Police Dog Service Training Program in Innisfail, Alberta. He was born on May 7, 2010 and worked his entire career in Saskatchewan with Sgt. Grant Hignell. Chevy mainly worked out of the Regina area which covered from the

Boomer, Regimental # 896

Boomer was born on Nov. 1, 2009 at the Police Dog Services Training Centre in Innisfail, Alta. where he trained with Cst. Wurzinger from the age of eight weeks old. He spent his entire career with Nanaimo Police Dog Services. In 2016 Boomer was credited with saving the life of

Cola, Regimental #908

PSD Cola was born in Innisfail, Alberta on August 30th, 2010. He was paired up with Cst. Bigras and the two were posted to both Red Deer and Sherwood Park, Alberta. He certainly made an impact in both postings! In Red Deer, Cola located evidence and money that had been

Airas, Regimental #856

Airas began his formal training in April 2010 and graduated in September 2010. He was raised and worked his entire career in Lower Mainland, BC. Airas loved being a Police Dog and did his job well but he also loved interacting with people. Airas has been retired since August 2016

Brando, Regimental #893

Brando is a purebred German Shepherd who was born on Nov. 11, 2009 in Innisfail, AB. Brando started his career in Lower Mainland B.C. and went on to a posting in Yellowknife and then Yorkton, SK. He worked with handler Cst. Scott McLeod until 2013 when he was re-teamed with

Ruger, Regimental #DO7

Ruger was born in Innisfail, Alberta on April 1st, 2005. He was posted to the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary with his Handler, Cst. Morgan. The two were later posted to St. John’s, where Ruger worked for the remainder of his career. Ruger was passionate about his job as a Police Service

Tyson, Regimental #931

PSD Tyson is a German Shepard who was born in Washington, USA, in 2008. He began his training in 2010 in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. He was primarily working in Delta and New Westminster until both agencies integrated with the Lower Mainland District RCMP. Throughout his career, Tyson

Chek, Regimental #898

PSD Chek (Chucky) was born on September 8, 2010 in Innisfail, Alberta. He worked his entire career with the RCMP. Chucky began his career in the Lower Mainland and then went on to serve G Division (Northwest Territories) and resided in Yellowknife. Throughout his career, Chucky caught numerous criminals and

Berkley, Regimental #1522

Retired PSD Berkley, Reg #1522 is a sweetheart!  She loves her ball and in her retirement she adores couch snuggles.  She has a beautiful companion, retired PSD Paco, with whom she loves to play and then apres-play snuggles.  Berkeley is known for her long, loud sighs when it’s time to

Dirks, Regimental #936

Dirks was born on August 28, 2011 at the RCMP Police Dog Services Training Centre in Innisfail, Alberta, however, he spent his career working in BC. Dirks worked with his handler, Const. Dan Cloutier, in the both the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island, and the BC South Peace Region in

Whiskey, Regimental #755

PSD Whiskey lived an incredible life as a police service dog and with his family. He was born on January 8, 2005 in Custer, Washington. He worked an extensive career in Kamloops for 8 years with 2 different handlers! A memorable achievement of Whiskey’s was taking more than 2.5 million

Racer, Regimental #742

PSD Racer was born on May 19, 2005 in Innisfail, Alberta. He worked his entire career with the RCMP and stayed in the Lower Mainland for the whole duration. Throughout his career, Racer caught a large number of criminals. He was known for his tracking skills! One time he tracked

Argo, Regimental # 834

Argo is a purebred German Shepherd and was born on January 1, 2006 in the Czech Republic. Argo was the first RCMP Police Service Dog to be posted in Lloydminster and he worked there for two years with Sgt. Raddatz. They then worked together in Grande Prairie for four years.

Sarka, Regimental # 0924

Sarka is a Belgian Malinois who was born on Dec. 13, 2006 in Regina, Sask. She was an explosive detection dog with the Calgary Police from September 2009 to April 2017 with her partner Cst. Darcy Williams. One of her regular duties was attending the Calgary International Airport to make

Ejay, Regimental #972

Ejay was born on August 31, 2012 at the Police Dog Services Training Centre in Innisfail, Alberta. He and his Handler, Cpl. Gawne were posted to Strathcona County where they served for roughly five years. The pair were then transferred to Lethbridge, Alberta where Ejay worked for the remainder of

Gibson, Regimental #1009

Every single one of Ned’s Wish dogs have distinguished themselves with not only their personality and their achievements, but also with their dedication to their jobs.  However, PSD Gibson takes the cake!  Gibson is a special dog who has truly experienced all the RCMP has to offer. Like some of

Diego, Regimental #918

Diego was born on April 12, 2011, at the RCMP Police Dog Service Training Centre, in Innisfail, Alberta. His career began in Lower Mainland, BC. After working there with the Integrated Police Dog Unit he transferred to the North Battleford Saskatchewan Police Dog Services unit in June 2013. He worked

Clive, Regimental #904

Clive is a born tracker.  He came into the world at the Innisfail, Alberta RCMP kennel on September 8, 2010, and, early on, he showed great aptitude for police work.  His skills and drive were used to great advantage serving the people of central and northern BC from his home

Beatrix (Binx), Regimental #09-110

PSD Beatrix (Binx) was born on November 1, 2009 in Innisfail, Alberta. She is fully retired from the RCMP. Binx worked her entire career as a Breeding Program Brood. She successfully gave birth to a number of pups who later became working police dogs. Binx is a German Shepherd which

Bo, Regimental #872

Bo was born in Innisfail, Alberta at the RCMP Police Dog Service Training Centre on June 11th, 2012. Bo and Cpl. Murnaghan spent two years in Saskatoon before being posted to Antigonish, Nova Scotia. Bo was a champion at finding missing persons. On one occasion, Bo was able to locate

Falk, Regimental #980

When PSD Falk was on duty, his human officers knew that no matter what they faced that shift, Falk would have their back. Falk was incredibly courageous: he was always willing to jump in to defend his human counterparts no matter how scary the offender was.  But Falk was also

Cal, Regimental #910

Cal is a pure bred German Shepherd and he was born at the Police Service Dog Training Centre in Innisfail, Alta. on May 29, 2010. Cal worked for the RCMP with his partner Cpl. Colin Hack and was posted to Comox Valley, BC from 2012 to 2017. During his time

Hunter, Regimental #13106

PSD Hunter is neophile; he is always on the lookout for new chew toys and has never owned a blanket or bed (for long) in his life because of his bad boy behaviour.  Hunter’s owner has had to hand over his credit card number several times to people who have

Tito, Regimental #811

Tito is a purebred German Shepherd and was born on May 30, 2007 in the RCMP Police Dog Services kennel in Innisfail, Alta. PSD Tito served with his handler D.H. Sutton on Vancouver Island. Tito has tracked numerous prolific offenders over his years of service. On one occasion an offender

Duco, Regimental # K9-22

Duco was born in the Netherlands on January 16, 2008. He had a six-year career with the Medicine Hat Police Service as a cross-trained, patrol and drug detection police service dog. Duco was an extremely valued tracking dog with over 150 criminal arrests throughout his career. His extreme level of

Stinger, Regimental #778

While PSD Stinger, Reg #778, passed away a couple of years ago, we would still like to welcome him to Ned’s Wish family of Fallen Heroes. Born in Alberta on 23 July 2006, Stinger was raised in Kamloops, BC, but worked his entire career in Nova Scotia, partnering with Cpl