The Heroes

June, Regimental #16-036BP

By now, it’s clear that every one of our dogs is special, but what makes PSD June even more unique

Fargo, Regimental #989

Police Service Dog (PSD) Fargo was born on June 2, 2013 in Innisfail, Alberta. He has worked for the Royal

Bruno, Regimental #MWD503

While working dogs may give off the impression of being tough with no-nonsense personalities, Bruno loves nothing more than to

Grinder, Regimental #1023

PSD Grinder is known as a successful tracker and has located several people throughout his career with the RCMP! Grinder

Gando, Regimental #K9122

Greetings Gando and welcome to the pack!After a shorter than expected career with the Edmonton Police Service, this comedian loves

Hawk, Regimental #HAWK

We at Ned’s Wish have always thought that dogs are “people” and PSD Hawk has made it official! He is

Roy, Regimental #968

PSD Roy was born on December 13, 2012 in Innisfail, Alberta. He spent the entirety of his Police career with

Scout, Regimental #47

Scout was born in Hungary in December of 2011. His exact birthday isn’t quite known, but Scout himself is certainly

Fury, Regimental #983

While the name Fury might make you nervous about this retired Police Service Dog, don’t let that fool you: he

Endzo, Regimental #4002

PSD Endzo has had quite the career working for a number of different policing agencies! This includes: Edmonton Police Service,

Cole, Regimental #844

PSD Cole is a Labrador Retreiver who was born in Newfoundland and Labrador. He is retired from the RCMP and

Jager, Regimental #1013

Retired PSD Jager might be the perfect example of the type of drive Police K-9s have in the RCMP. Born

Erlo, Regimental #982

PSD Erlo, lovingly nicknamed Earl, or also known as, Buffalo Head, must have been an awesome soccer player in his

Tank, Regimental #964

Frank & Tank were like Batman & Robin but real life superheroes of the Nation’s Capital!  Tank is not a

Hoover, Regimental #1046

PSD Hoover, or better known to his handler as the “Mitten Thief”, joins Ned’s Wish after having a successful career

Rocco, Regimental #12101

Rocco is a German Shepherd who was born in Germany! His birthday is May 30, 2012 which means he just

Gord, Regimental #1033

Gord worked the entirety of his career with the RCMP! He was a trained speciality explosives dog. After his training

Echo, Regimental #948

PSD Echo was born in Innisfail, Alberta at the RCMP Kennels on February 15, 2012. He worked with the RCMP

Taz, Regimental 1002

Taz is known for his large number of successful apprehensions throughout his career. One of his most notable accomplishments involved

Gemma Quebec City Police K9

(French follows English) PSD Gemma is a bit of a festival fanatic. PSD Gemma was born 2014 and is joining

Egan, Regimental #969

PSD Egan was born on September 12, 2012 at the RCMP Kennels in Innisfail, Alberta. He has retired from the

Fantom, Regimental #993

While Fantom may have never been scared chasing down a bad guy or participating in police K9 training activities, lawnmowers

Flex, Regimental #984

PSD Flex was born on April 29, 2013 in Innisfail, Alberta. He worked the entirety of his career in the


Retired Police Service Dog Major bears a fitting name, because he was a major success in Toronto.  Major was the

Sparky, Regimental #K9-6

(French follows English) While it may not be halloween yet, PSD Sparky has a spooky story that we would love

Fraser, Regimental #1006

Fraser was born in Innisfail, Alberta. Due to the severe weather conditions facing Alberta at the time, Fraser and his

Alpha, Regimental #426

Alpha by name, alpha by attitude! This canine crusader showed his Victoria Police human partners what he could do on

Cain, Regimental #889

PSD Cain was born on May 7, 2010 in Innisfail, Alberta. He worked in Vernon, British Columbia throughout his career. 

Hasko, Regimental #1049

As far as we know there are only 2 heroes named HASKO: one is a fictional character who fought during

Genie, Regimental #1021

Genie has just recently retired from her career with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Once a PSD – always a

Paco, Regiment #1713

Retired PSD Paco, Reg #1713, worked for the Calgary Police Service for 3 years, diligently keeping the citizens of Calgary

Riot, Regimental #K903

While PSD Riot may not have the title “detective” in front of his name he did a lot of sleuthing

Eve, Regimental #943

Retired PSD Eve loves chasing hockey pucks!  Eve would have been a professional hockey player if it weren’t for her

Freda, Regimental 997

Freda worked the entirety of her career in Grande Prairie, Alberta but was able to travel throughout Canada when needed.

Fergus, Regimental #990

Heroic, brave and stoic are just a few words to describe recently retired PSD Fergus, who just joined our Ned’s

Hemmi, Regimental #650

PSD Hemmi had a knack for smelling out guns and explosives during his tenure as a PSD, but he successfully

Brutus, Regimental #1114

Brutus is used to being in the line of fire.  During his career in Fredericton he was shot at twice,

Wodan, Regimental #MWD512

Wodan is a nine year old Belgian Malinois who bravely served in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) since 2015. He

Jake, Regimental #WV09

Ned’s Wish would like to welcome a new member to our family, Vancouver Police Service Dog, Jake, Regimental # WV09. 

Jake, Regimental #1935 

Calgary Police Service canine Jake is a Belgian Malinois from Slovakia who moved to Canada with a passport full of

Cezar, Regimental #8510

If you were to ever find yourself lost in the middle of nowhere, you would hope PSD Cezar was assigned

Arry, Regimental #620

With all due respect to Star Trek’s Commander Riker, Chatham-Kent Police Service Dog Arry is more deserving of the title

Fly ,Regimental # 1515

PSD FLY has just retired from Calgary Police Service on May16th, 2023 and was described not only as beautiful but

Enzo, Regimental #958

Police Service Dog (PSD) Enzo was born March 15, 2012 in Innisfail, Alberta. He worked the entirety of his career

Hawkes, Regimental #1040

Retired PSD Hawkes won’t sleep on a good Kong but he might doze off while chewing his and when he

Charger, Regimental #7

When PSD Charger was called to a case you knew, no matter the circumstances, you were going to get a

Daxa, Regimental #17

Police Service Dog Daxa had a very distinguished 5 year career and apprehended over 200 suspects. She won numerous awards, including RCMP Commanding

Juice, Regimental 1065

At the beginning of Juice’s career he started off in Nanaimo. He was often chasing thesame individuals as his predecessor

Brock, Regimental #3351

Say Howdy to PSD Brock! This southern gentleman was born down in September 2009 in Kentucky and worked as a

Denim, Regimental #946

Denim is a born adventurer with many talents and interests. Denim LOVES helicopters and float planes.  As a PSD Denim

Gunther, Regimental #1022

Retired PSD Gunther is like a mother-hen with the nose of a truffle pig; he spends his free time hoarding

Fyre, Regimental #13-077

PSD Fyre is a German Shepherd who was born on November 14, 2013 in Innisfail, Alberta. She served as a

Ivy/Evette, Regimental #945

Retired PSD Ivy comes from the Nation’s Capital, Ottawa, where she served as an Explosive Detection Dog posted with the

Kito, Regimental #MWD502

If you’re a morning person, you’re gonna love our newest hero, Kito! He joins the Ned’s Wish family after a

Trax, Regimental #1

Retired PSD Trax has police badge #1, because he was the first PSD for St. Thomas Police Service.  During his

Flame, Regimental #13-067

Flame is a retired breeding female who was always known to be fit, well groomed, and healthy. This was due

Boss, Regimental #K9-13

While PSD Boss isn’t the boss of the house, he sure is the boss of the kitchen. Boss does not

Ecko, Regimental #964

Retired Police Service Dog Ecko is affectionately nicknamed “Swamp Rat” because of his talent for finding the muddiest body of

Almas Gael, Regimental #14-061

PSD Almas Gael is a German Shepherd who was born on December 18, 2014 at the Police Dog Service Training

Echo, Regimental #965

PSD Echo was born on August 31, 2012 in Innisfail, Alberta. Originally, he was called Eric by the RCMP kennels,

Grimm, Regimental #1020

What is the best way to describe PSD Grimm Regimental #1020?  Grimm by only by name, GOOFY by nature!  Aftering providing

Dale, Regimental #929

PSD Dale was born in Innisfail, Alberta on December 4, 2011. He spent his career with the RCMP and was

Hans, Regimental #6926

We are all drawn to heroes with stories of overcoming epic struggles and emerging victorious despite all odds. Our newest

Herc, Regimental #1027

While police K-9s have a persona of being strong and tough, deep down they have a soft squishy side that

Dayna, Regimental #920

Police Service Dog (PSD) Dayna worked for the RCMP in Kamloops, British Columbia and Moncton, New Brunswick. Her regimental number

Ralph, Regimental #967

PSD Ralph was born on August 31, 2012 in Innisfail, Alberta. He served with the RCMP for the entirety of

Kora, Regimental #17-030BP

Kora was born on June 13, 2017 in Innisfail, Alberta at the RCMP Police Dog Service Training Centre. As a

Corbin, Regimental #903

Corbin was born in Innisfail, Alberta on August 5th, 2010. He began his very exciting career in Selkirk, Manitoba with

Keata, Regimental #C3000

Keata enjoys retired life with her family.  She loves people and animals alike.  She also loves the snow, and can’t

Locklin, Regimental #1130

Welcome Locklin! Not all heroes retire at an old age but that doesn’t mean that they haven’t had an action

Jack, Regimental #7742

Retired PSD Jack or otherwise know as, Knucklehead or Ed the Hyena, joins Ned’s Wish after having served with his

Dali, Regimental # RNC#15

Retired PSD Dali has an adorable smile and a silly personality to match.  Like most of her K-9 colleagues, Dali

Hoss, Regimental #1043

Retired PSD Hoss has celebrated many highlights in his career with the RCMP, but his handler’s favourite was his first

Blue, Regimental #3251

While some police dogs may excel when it comes to their bite power, some police K-9s, like retired PSD Blue,

Dero, Regimental #922

Dero is a purebred German Shepherd who worked for the RCMP. He was born on January 25, 2011 at the

Griffin, Regimental #1026

Have you ever wanted to solve the mystery of missing socks? This is where PSD Griffin comes in! When PSD

Eddi, Regimental #957

Retired Police Service Dog (PSD) Eddi loves playing fetch – so much so he will bring a prospective play partner just about

Kody, Regimental #1098

Police Service Dog (PSD) Kody is known for his work in the Peace-Liard and Kamloops Region in British Columbia (BC).

Dag, Regimental #2015

Ned’s Wish is excited to welcome another Calgary Police Services K-9 Officer Dag.  Born in Kosice, Slovakia, Dag is a

Izzy, Regimental #985

PSD Izzy was born in Innisfail, Alberta on March 31, 2013. She spent the majority of her career working in

Haley, Regimental #14-073

She demonstrated all of the qualities that make a perfect Police Service Dog, so she stayed behind in Innisfail to

Henri, Regimental #955

Henri was born on May 21st, 2011 in Washington, USA. He was brought to Canada and became a police dog

Maggie, Regimental # 954

Maggie is a Chocolate Labrador Retriever who was born on June 8, 2012 in the United States. She worked with

Tru, Regimental #MWD501

As our first military dog, Tru is a true pioneer! Tru recently retired from the Canadian Armed Forces after six

Case, Regimental # 892

Case was born on Jan. 23, 2010 at the Police Dog Services Training Centre in Innisfail, Alta. After training, he

Denver, Regimental #944

PSD Denver was born on September 30, 2011 in Innisfail, AB. He served with the RCMP during his career and

Dezi, Regimental #930

PSD Dezi was born on November 26, 2011 in Innisfail, Alberta. She worked in the Lower Mainland District Integrated Police

Gigi, Regimental #1017

Gigi should have been named Sassy as she chases a laser pointer like a cat and then sprawls out on

Jakk, Regimental #978

PSD Jakk is currently living his best life in retirement. Jakk has traded in his work uniform in exchange for

Brando, Regimental #13108

Welcome to retired PSD Brando, Ned’s Wish newest recruit from the Vancouver Police Department!  Brando is not new at being

Ozzy, Regimental #939

Ozzy was born on September 7th, 2011. He had a very busy career that took him around the Maritimes and

Ice, Regimental #2252

PSD Ice was born on June 8, 2011. He worked his entire career with the Delta Police Department with Constable

Kato, Regimental #K9-11

Kato comes to Ned’s Wish from the Saskatoon Police Service where he served for 7 years and had numerous victories

Gunner, Regimental #1012

Retired PSD Gunner became famous after tracking not one, but two suspects involved in a home invasion in Nova Scotia. 

Eryx (Erik), Regimental #970

Please welcome our newest addition to Ned’s Wish family: PSD Eryx by birth, or Erik – just because.  Eat your

Jake, Regimental #805

PSD Jake worked his entire career with the RCMP in Halifax as part of the Criminal Interdiction Team. He spent

Eda, Regimental #942

There are only a few dogs with boats named for them and Eda is one of those dogs. PSD Eda

Ryder, Regimental #12102

This handsome boy, PSD Ryder, Reg # 12102 was born in Surrey, British Columbia in December 2012 and worked for

Ennox, Regimental #966

Retired PSD Ennox is a boisterous presence in his neighborhood.  Ennox loves visiting and getting all the attention when he

Kera, Regimental #17.016BP

All of Ned’s Wish heroes have special powers, and retired PSD Kera is no different – she is a SUPER