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Kye, Regimental #1998

Ned’s Wish is Privileged to welcome PSD Kye to its ranks!  

PSD Kye is a true gentleman of a dog.  His entire career with the York Regional Police was spent partnered with York’s first female Canine Handler, Constable Bambrough.  Kye was very protective of her and unfriendly toward any males – he had even earned the nickname of ‘The Man Hater.’  Kye also struggled with department store mannequins, who all looked awfully suspicious to him. 

Kye was born on July 30, 2012, in Slovakia. He began his partnership with Constable Bambrough in 2014 and as a team successfully completed the Basic Training Canine Course, becoming qualified for operations, in July 2014.

During his first tour of duty, PSD Kye tracked and located a 13 year old suicidal girl, who had fled from her home on foot.  Kye found this young victim just in time, and prevented her from drowning herself.  In 2017, PSD Kye assisted in the arrest of four armed suspects in a violent home invasion.  Kye located and apprehended one of the armed suspects following a foot pursuit.

In 2018, PSD Kye and Bambrough were awarded the York Chief of Police Award for finding and rescuing a missing woman who was suffering from Alzheimer’s. PSD Kye tracked the woman to Musselman’s Lake, where his human partner overheard faint cries from the woman who had fallen through thin ice and into the icy waters of the lake.  She was rescued and made a full recovery.  In addition to his heroic tracking abilities, PSD Kye was trained in and excelled at narcotics detection, using his talents to reduce the amount of drugs that appeared on the streets of York.

Well done Kye!  Enjoy your well deserved R&R during your retirement.  Welcome to Ned’s Wish.