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Jager, Regimental #1013

Retired PSD Jager might be the perfect example of the type of drive Police K-9s have in the RCMP. Born in Innisfail, Alberta, Jager joins Ned’s Wish after his successful career with the force in Nanaimo, British Columbia, as well as working with the Vancouver Island Emergency Response Unit.

As mentioned before, during Jager’s career with the RCMP, he was a highly motivated dog. So motivated, in fact, that a few police cruiser interiors “suffered” as a result, especially when Jager watched other police K9s conducting training exercises he wasn’t part of. Jager’s superb drive and tenacity allowed him to chase a violent suspect 10 km up a mountain, during horrible winter conditions, and this was after the suspect broke into a cabin and threatened its owners. Way to go Jager!

Jager has decided to hang up the police uniform in exchange for performing some light housekeeping, a K9-Rumba sort of speaking. His new job in retirement is to clean up the floors after his handlers’ toddler finishes eating his dinner. Who said that playing with their food is bad, Jager doesn’t think so at all. Have a blast Jager and enjoy your retirement!