Griffin, Regimental #14105

Griffin, Regimental #14105

In ancient folklore, the griffin is a mythical creature with the head and wings of an eagle, and the body, tail, and hind legs of a lion. As the eagle was considered the ‘king of the birds’, and the lion the ‘king of the beasts’, the griffin was perceived as a powerful and majestic creature.  During the Persian Empire, the griffin was seen as a protector from evil, witchcraft, and slander. In Ancient Greece, the griffin was considered to be the noble guardian of gold and priceless possessions.  

Originally from Saskatoon, this Griffin has disguised himself in the body of a German Shepherd and he joins Ned’s Wish from Vancouver Police Service.  While he looks like a German Shepherd, this creature has the heart of a lion and grace of an eagle.  Appropriately named, Griffin was a protector of all citizens of Vancouver, serving his community with the Vancouver Police Department for six years before retiring.  

Griffin was the last puppy for the VPD, named through a school competition, and boy did the kids nail it!  He was trained in criminal apprehension, as well as drugs and firearm detection. Here are a few highlights from Griffin’s career as a very real and impressive Police Service dog.  PSD Griffin was involved in approximately 341 high risk arrests, and was responsible for 114 arrests on his own, well.. with the assistance of his human partner of course.  A very skilled tracker, PSD Griffin not only located and apprehended suspects in hiding, but on several occasions he also located dropped articles, which helped investigators identify other suspects for future arrests.  Unlike any mythical creature, PSD Griffin is also a very accomplished athlete and a competitor.  Griffin was awarded the “Top Dog” award in Spokane, Washington on a multi jurisdictional training course and competition.  

Did you know that Griffin has had the privilege of being the cover dog for K9 working dog and police K9 magazines?  As well, Griffin had the opportunity to meet Prince William, of the Royal Family, on a visit to Canada, and received a Royal scratch around the ears. We now consider him to be knighted and call him Sir Griffin at formal dinner parties. 

At home, however; Griffin remains to be a humbled, calm and well behaved dog, who loves participating in school demonstrations and kennel tours.  In his retirement, Griffin enjoys his daily walks with his baby sister, Nia, a mini goldendoodle. He likes to play with rocks, and loves to lean into you for a nice belly rub, Royal or otherwise. This is where the magic happens.  Ned’s Wish is excited to welcome this beautiful creature to the pack!  Welcome Sir Griffin!