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Grimm, Regimental #1020

What is the best way to describe PSD Grimm Regimental #1020?  Grimm by only by name, GOOFY by nature!  
Aftering providing distinguished service to the Lower Mainland and Williams Lake, BC, Grimm recently retired and is now enjoying a life of well deserved leisure.  Born on July 22, 2014 at the RCMP’s Innisfail kennels, Grimm consistently provided sterling service to the human community by apprehending criminals, finding missing persons and uncovering crucial evidence.  Grimm was well known for making the rounds of RCMP Detachments in which he served, hitting up two-legged colleagues for treats and a scratch behind the ear.  While he enjoyed that attention, nothing can compare to Grimm’s deep love for his Kong.  Such is his affection for the rubber toy that Grimm routinely falls asleep with the Kong firmly wedged in his mouth.

Here is what Grimm’s handler has to say about him:
“To anyone who ever asks or gives me the chance to talk about him, I always describe Grimm as a GEM.  I have been fortunate to have Grimm since he was six weeks old, and from day one he has given 100%.  He loves to work and he loves to play – he IS the perfect balance.  I never questioned whether Grimm had my back, because I knew he did, and he proved it countless times with his success operationally.  Grimm is a 105 lb pound ham who loves his kongs (won’t find him sleeping without one), loves his people and loves his work.  In retirement, Grimm will continue to hog the bed, steal the steak and cause general retired mischief as a part of our family and judging by some of these pictures I think he is going to be ok 😉.”